Wednesday , April 14 2021

Evelina Papoulias and her metaphysical experiences (video)

She seems to be very natural to handle everything that can happen to her, but her "Better Not Made" company has met interest in the metaphysical stories of Evelina Papoulias. Everything began from an experience that the actor mentioned earlier: "I was too tired, sometimes you got some arrhythmias and so on in my sleep I left my body. I felt like I left my body, and it took light to go somewhere. And I liked it and went and went and sometime I heard in my head that "you want to leave or stay?" And I say "to stay". But it was all this image that has been given by people who have such experiences".

Afterwards it turned out that this was not her only experience that would hardly find an explanation:

"There are so many metaphysical things that if I went into the process of starting to explain, I think … no. I'm not looking for it. I do not want that. I have to be founded. If I start and leave, I leave. Now we say I'll tell you fun. This was the funniest thing that happened to me. She is a girlfriend actress and snores and does not say coffee. I tell her you do not find me anything, there is no case. In fact, nothing. "I want you to tell me," she tells me. "But I do not know how to say coffee, are you crazy?" Finally, I tell her. Everything came out of her. Everything that came to my head told me. And it comes to my friend and she says, "I want you to tell me too." And I tell her the name and type of adjective she has. I was my classmate from this kindergarten, but no contact. How did I drive him with him? I have something "cuff" so, but I say okay"Said Evelina Papoulias, who, when Natalia Germanou asked her to tell her if she knew anything, and for her the actor replied …" Definitely, "and left" speechless. "

Natalia Germanou with her metaphysical experience of Evelina Papoulias!

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