Tuesday , August 9 2022

Elias Psinakis received a new deadline for explanations


On November 21, the prosecutors explained their role in the fatal fire

Marathon mayor is at his disposal for two weeks Ilias Psinakis to prepare his memo for his role in the fatal fire in eastern Attica, following the new deadline for prosecutors a mortal fire in Mati.

Elias Psinakis, who has been called on today to explain prosecutors as suspected criminals, finally requested a new deadline for November 21st.

At the same time, the prosecutor's office has been invited to give explanations as a suspect or regional director of Attica Reina Dourou.

As for the search for fatal fires, the information reports that prosecutors expect new material from removing the privacy they have requested within the next few days. The material is about talks of managers for the services that are required to cope with the fire on July 23.

These data are deemed to clarify issues related to the criminal assessment of the measures taken.

It is recalled that more than 20 people from the fire department, EL.AS, the region etc. have been summoned by prosecutors as suspected of murder in Mati.

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