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Drama of a Greek Businessman: "Immigrants in My Own Country"


Battle to keep them business The open gives thousands of business owners, who must meet the economic crisis, the closed cannon of banks and the strong imported competition.

The happiest and most successful to survive, while the most risky of them invest the turnover in new business, hope some of them will "catch" and save the rest.

At the same time, other stores are picking up similar products and large private funds like fungi next to their stores, which some managed to collect despite the crisis.

Panagiotis Paspaliaris is a representative example of a young entrepreneur who is struggling in the crisis, not only to keep its stores open but also to expand them.

He realized the difficulties of the project from the very first moment that he decided to invest his economies and request funding from NSRF for the opening of an innovative company with aromatic organic units. When the loan was paid, it was too late. The patent had "fallen" for Turkey. "Somewhere in 2013, I started a new idea, say it and the invention, I almost reached the end and I sought funding.

I got NSRF, I said I had asked for a loan from the bank, secured. In fact, the loan is approved but 1-2 days after the deadline for payment of the program, that is, one and a half year after the application. Today, this product is manufactured in Turkey. He will write "Made in Turkey". This … ", wrote the store on its facebook page.

Three years later, Panagiotis Paspaliaris decided to open a shop of handmade chocolate and ice cream in the center of Athens. Mr. Chocotopia, which is the store name, will pass through Lasestygenes and Cyclops until he can get to know the area and convince consumers about the quality of their products.

He describes the venture that began with passion, passion and all the money he managed to collect: "Something in 2016 I decided to open a groundbreaking shop where you can choose the ingredients in his ice cream and make it in front of him with spatula in rolls .

Today you feel most of them like ice cream, ice cream, ice cream roll, etc. Also choose couverture and nuts of your choice, and make a fresh chocolate in front of him.

And if ice cream was taken from Asia, we thought about fresh chocolate. We made our store, Chocotopia, filled it with the best chocolate in the world, and we spent what we had. The first two three months were the following: 20 euros per day turnover. "

When he approached a bank to request a loan to meet the first difficult months, he found the door closed: "We were in need. Customers from the other business had late payments. Hard winter" 17. So we went to the same bank for something good. Not serious amounts. They asked us for checks as a guarantee.

We got them from our customers. After making paper and all answers were almost as follows: "Have you paid money so far, why did they give you a check?" You have to be cheating. Discard "".

An Albanian entrepreneur invested 200,000 euros in glass

Nine months after the start, things began to go much better. So well, another Albanian businessman had the idea of ​​opening a similar store in another region.

"The checks were paid on time and the glass broke. Then a store with the same ice cream took place with us in Glyfada. Same idea, but different materials. This company had a little less capital than us, but it could partly make an investment of 100- 200 thousand for a real store in a crazy passage.

And he grabbed it. We also sent them congratulations. "Well done for what you do to make ice cream go on fashion". Then we learned through a common friend that the main contractor is from Albania.

And his bravo. There is nothing better than getting migrants to work hard and with a mind in a foreign country. "

The Albanian entrepreneur's bank in the southern suburb succeeded in becoming a "talk about the city" in a short period of time. Panagiotis Paspaliaris was thinking about transferring Chocotopia from the University's arcade to a central location on the street.

"We have also swam, and we said to open out of the arcades. We found a store at the university. We asked for four thousand rent. With nothing I said. So we had them put on safer investments. shop in a university store with good mutual agreement ".

In the property of the rent of 4000 euros a month, another businessman was wound up, even from Albania. And it immediately began aggressive policy. In every coffee that the Greek businessman sold to a customer, the Albanian businessman went two and three coffees to the same customer at no cost to test the product.

"In the store we wanted to have a different fast-growing business with sandwiches and doughs, we also installed coffee. Best coffee, baked in Greece, real masterpiece.

And our competitive company belongs to an immigrant from Albania. Also big investments. Even the gutters are logged. Every time someone receives a coffee from us, he accepts a gift of 2-3 coffee with delvery. We are talking about real professionalism. Thirty times our turnover makes us. "

Strong competition has resulted in a decline in retail sales and a new loan application is rejected. Then the Greek businessman, as he writes, felt an immigrant in his country of origin. "The loan was also rejected after 3-4 months of research and evaluation. The reason: We have low turnover.

E! What to do then We live in a country where migrants fund their business much better.

We have no credit from nowhere. And we are happy about the development of immigrants. Stay away from racism. But we are saddened by the fact that we are facing the poor economic structure that wasted. Worse than immigrants in our homeland ".

Despite the adversity, Panagiotis Paspaliaris does not put it down. On Friday, the opening of its new shop in Egaleo will offer food and handmade chocolate. "We will live and succeed because we are doing really good products and why we have you," concludes the businessman.

His posts were viral in social media and he received dozens of messages from other businessmen struggling to keep their stores open and must handle the exact same problem.

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