Friday , November 27 2020

Burnley – Tottenham 0-1: The “undefeated” duo Kane-Sean write history! (vid) | the elite series

They did it twice against West Ham, but “patatrak” in the final overshadowed the performance. They tried again Burnley, of course they succeeded and now they only see a legendary duo at the top. Harry Kane and Heung Min Son has developed his connection in the grass … erotic and is there all the time to “build” wires or give victories for Tottenham. Just like they did at their headquarters Clarets, repeats the task that one of them shares and the other receives 29the once in the Premier League and now make an encounter with time and history when they will overcome the “dark” all the time, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba (36 goals).

In a match that did not have a phase until the goal, Harry Kane He “dressed up” as a hero in the 70’s when he let in a goal in the line of his head and then he was transformed into the role that no one had identified until this year, the creator. The English star has in just a few games during the season surpassed the assists he had in his career and for the most part he gives them to the other half.

After a corner kick Lamela at 76 ‘, o Cain took the first head and Son with the other he found nets and made 8The his goal after the first six matches and scored 2the best performance of all time PL after him Mickey Quinn from the 1992-93 season. And of these 8 goals, seven have come on foot Harry Kane (5 goals, 8 assists), with the “magic” duo corresponding to 50+ fewer matches in pairs Henri-Pires and Silva-Aguero in 29 goals and now it’s a matter of games until they are officially considered the best in their history Of the island.

Burnley (Sean Dice): Pope, Lawton, Long, Tarkovsky, Taylor, Goodmundson (84 ‘Rodriguez), Westwood, Brownhill, McNeill, Barnes (89’ Windra), Wood

Tottenham (Jose Mourinho): Gioris, Doherty, Alderweireld, Dyer, Davis, Sissoko, Hoiberg, Dobele (78 ‘Lo Celso), Lucas (57’ Lamela), Sean (90 + 3 ‘Rodon), Kane

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