Saturday , September 25 2021

US court: Amazon will issue echo sound recordings in murder cases

A court in New Hampshire, in the case of a presumptive double kill, demands that Amazon release audio recordings by an echoing speaker allegedly in a crime scene. In addition, the company should provide information about mobile devices that have been linked to echo.

The victims are high According to local media, 48-year-olds and 32-year-olds died both violent at the end of January 2017. The body exhibited several blades and blunt voids. The court reports that the 48-year-old was attacked in the kitchen in her home, where the echo speaker was located. It hopes that the audio recordings will provide information about the crime. The 36-year-old main suspect denies the fact that he will be tried in May 2019.

According to Amazon, smartphone microphones are all the time, but only when "Alexa" or another active activation word is spoken, the smarter speaker becomes active and then does not perform the device or answers the instructions. Spoken question – it sends the voice command to the evaluation in Amazon Cloud, where it is also stored. But a case was also known, where Alexa unnoticed a private conversation and independently sent According to Amazon behind a chain of unlikely events.

In the alleged double assassination, it is unclear, according to ABCNews, whether there are any relevant recordings, but the court considers it possible. Amazon told AP's press office that it will not be issued without a valid decree.

But that would not be the first case where Amazon gave the authorities eco data. For example, in March 2017, Amazon released voice data in a suspected murder case after the defendant agreed Ars Technica reported. Previously, the group had objected to the authorities' requests, referring to the privacy and integrity of their customers.


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