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To Schweiger: So was the first date with new girlfriend Francesca Dutton

VIP News: To Schweiger: Then the first date of the new friend Francesca Dutton began

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Spicy: Schweiger meets on the first day with girlfriend on a dismissed celebrity friend

Friday, November 16, 16:52: Movie producer and actor To Schweiger has a new wife by her side. At a festival in Hamburg, the 54-year-old appeared in public for the first time with his new love, 22-year-old London producer Francesca Dutton.

The movie producer appreciates the 32-year-old blonde that she meets him on equal terms and admires her social commitment. For example, after the fire disaster in Los Angeles, she called her entire phone directory and organized boats. It's not only fun she can laugh at my humor, but she makes me laugh so often, says the film producer, who is even more upset than the "Picture" newspaper chatted.

So the two lovebirds spent their first date in an Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills with a prominent table next door. In addition to the newly-in-love couple, the German actor Ralf Möller had taken place, which Schweiger had recently interrupted because of the date.

Future plans already have the young couple. So they definitely want to make a movie together. "That's the beauty, we're passionate about the same passion, she's been on my side for weeks, and it feels good," said the actor. In the movie database "IMDB" Dutton is renamed as the executive producer of the psychotrimer "Nomis." The movie Starring Ben Kingsley (74) and Henry Cavill (35) began in US cinemas at the end of September. Schweiger's leadership confirmed the relationship upon request, but did not mention any details.

Pinks Make Carey Hart uses unusual funds against raiders

11:38: The man of the singer Pink (39, "Funhouse") Carey Hart (43) wants to take drastic action against robbers. On his official Instagram account, the former motocross professor presented a campaign showing him and other neighbors very armed. Apparently, they have established a vigilante to protect the belongings of the area affected by the serious forest fires. If it were needed he would obviously also shoot the robbers.

Here is the album "Beautiful Trauma" by Pink

According to their own statements, criminals around Malibu exert rage and rob Villas there. Electricity has gone down in many parts of the city, so according to press reports, most of the alarm systems in the super rich area no longer work. Despite the fact that 300 police officers are constantly on patrol for security, it seems unfortunately not enough for Hart and his friends.

It's sad that some people want to take advantage of others' crises, writes Hart. As a plunder, however, you should carefully consider whether you come to Malibu, given the many rifles and guns in the picture. Pink and her husband have lived in Malibu for many years. Their villa has been saved to date, unlike other celebrities like Thomas Gottschalk (68), Gerard Butler (49), Miley Cyrus (25) or Robin Thicke (41).

20 years younger and actress: To Schweiger shows up with her new girlfriend

Thursday November 15 at 6:00 pm The actor and producer to Schweiger appeared for the first time on Wednesday evening with his new girlfriend Francesca Dutton. As reported by the "Picture" newspaper, the two were in Hamburg at a party.

Dutton, like her new boyfriend, is a producer and actress, but more than 20 years younger than Schweiger at the age of 32. As the "Picture" magazine writes, the two have known each other for twelve years, but only now it has rubbed.

Schweiger told the newspaper: "We slow down. Everything is still fresh." But one thing is already clear: it should be a relationship forever.

Dutton obviously also appreciates Schweiger professionally, as seen from an Instagram post from early November. In that she is raging about her American adaptation "Head full of love" by the German box office "Honey in the Head" (2014). "So excited !! Exactly what the world needs now! So beautiful and heartfelt." To Schweiger is more than talented and did a spectacular job! Look at this amazing movie !! "

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