Monday , September 26 2022

Redial for frozen product! Affected discounts and supermarkets – “flu-like symptoms”


Salmonella has been discovered in a popular frozen product. The bacteria can cause fever, headache and vomiting. Consumption is “strongly discouraged”

Munich – COPACK Tiefkühlkost Produktionsgesellschaft mbH recalls a product. Salmonella was detected in four frozen herbal mixtures. The bacteria can lead to serious health problems such as fever, headache and vomiting, diarrhea. Herbal mixtures found their way all over the country, Edeka, Marktkauf, Netto and Aldi offered the product to their customers.

Recall: Aldi, Marktkauf, Netto and Edeka sold herbal mixtures of salmonella

The recall applies to the product “Edeka Bio 8 Herbs 50g” with the best before the dates 01.2022 and 02.2022. The herbal tea mixture was found in the branches Edeka and Marktkauf. The recall also applies to “BioBio 8 herb mixture 50 g” which is sold on Netto Marken-Discount with the best before the dates 01.2022 and 02.2022 and “GutBio 8 herb mixture 50 g” with the best before the dates 21.01.2022 and 03.02.2022 (sold by Aldi Süd ) and “GutBio 8 herb mixture 50g” with best before date 21.01.2022 (sold by Aldi Nord).

The frozen herb mixture can be contaminated with salmonella

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As the company writes, rates with another best-before date are not affected. No discrepancies were found with other products from COPACK Tiefkühlkost Produktionsgesellschaft mbH.

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Salmonella in herbal mixtures – consumption is “strongly discouraged”

The company announced in a letter that the detected salmonella caused “flu-like symptoms”, especially in young children, pregnant women and people with a weakened immune system, the disease can occur as a result of consumption. To protect customers, “the company reacted immediately and took the corresponding goods off sale as a precautionary measure,” the press release said. Consumption is strongly discouraged.

Affected customers can return the product at the point of sale for a refund of the purchase price. A receipt is not required for this. COPACK Tiefkühlkost Produktionsgesellschaft mbH can be reached for customer questions on toll-free number 0800 58 94 720 (24-hour availability) or by e-mail at [email protected]

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