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Rammstein tour sold out: now harassing fans Sophia Thomalla –


Rammstein Tour Sold Out: After the ticket disaster, fans have now shocked Sophia Thomalla

on 09.11.2018 at 19:10

The Rammstein concerts are all sold out.

The Rammstein concerts are all sold out.

Photo: TONI LÄÄNSALU / imago / Scanpix

It was the thrill of the week: Shortly after the president's start for Rammstein-In 2019, the waiters of Eventim went to the knee.

Already immediately after the start of presale for RammsteinTickets at 10 o'clock went with Eventim no more. Fans were placed first in a "waiting room" followed by an error message.

And when you came through, the next disappointment wondered: sold out. Only four hours after sales start was all RammsteinA short distance away.

Rammstein fans are starting to panic

Clear to many now RammsteinFans get frustrated. And so quiet to very resourceful funds. And what's closer than ex Rammstein-Links to Lindemann to attach?

Just stupid if it does not work and yourself Sophia Thomalla, only those ex, then complained to Instagram.

Then Sophia Thomalla writes in her story

There writing Thomalla in her Instagram story: "To all Rammstein Fans: I understand that disappointment is great when you do not get tickets anymore, for the upcoming concerts, but …. I'm not Rammstein Advance ticket sales! Unfortunately, the news is not meaningful. sorry "

Could have worked.

Awareness about media market advertising

Recently, there had been a problem for Till Lindemann's ex-girlfriend. She is in the current announcement of the Elektro-Riese Media Markt. Catchy advertising can be the electronics company. Or at least the agencies that build the campaigns for the company that owns Saturn.

The current advertisement comes from the agency "Zum Roten Hirschen" and simply goes under the requirement # mr.

Advertising images cause problems

Above all, one of Mediamarkt's commercials is currently causing problems in social media. You can look quite a bit dressed Sophia ThomallaLooking directly into the camera. The letter "# men's days" and as a quote "These days, he only hits everything that has buttons."

The idea: Not only do women have their days but also men. For the campaign, Mediamarkt has even ordered an Emnid study: 64 percent of all investigated men said they had temporary or regular mood swings. And 50 percent of women said the men had mood swings at least once a month.

Because that's what the woman's period is about: mood swings. At least the point of joke. Many people can not laugh at it but find it sexist. (GOT)

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