Saturday , May 28 2022

One calls the police, confesses that he is killing and threatening to burn his house


Minden – There was a major deployment of fire and police on Thursday morning, because a man from Minden-Todtenhausen has claimed he has killed someone.

The special forces have begun negotiating with the 57-year-old man. (Icon)

The special forces have begun negotiating with the 57-year-old man. (Icon)

According to the police, the 57-year-old called himself the control center and recognized the law. At the same time he also threatened to fire the house he lives in and burn it down if the police arrived.

Therefore, the police sent the area around the house on Todtenhauser Dorfstraße in the morning.

A special working group and a negotiating group from Bielefeld tried to negotiate with the 57-year-old and find a conflict-free solution.

Update, 15.45:

According to reports from Minden Tageblatt, the man finally became overwhelmed at 2 o'clock in his apartment. Because he had previously injured himself with a knife on his neck, a medical treatment was necessary.

According to the police, there is currently no evidence that the man really committed a murder. During the operation no other persons were injured.

According to data, the 57-year-old is said to be a criminal who has already been imprisoned for violent crime. He has not lived in the village for a long time and so far he has not noticed anything unpleasant.

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