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Not everything else, but much better


CologneIf the Gulf of Germany "The Car" and the BMW 3 Series are an epitome of a sporty sedan, you can call the Mercedes C-Class T model as the "Stroller". Since 1996, the noble Lademeister has been buying since 2014 in the fourth generation and currently (since July) in a revised version, which put the model specially against the slightly younger Audi A4 Avant and next year BMW 3 Series Touring started again.

Mercedes is actually expensive, but with its practical characteristics and compared to other model series of Swabians, it is somewhat of a rational decision. To such, the motorization we chose is suitable; With the new 1.5-liter four-cylinder and its 135 kW / 184 hp on the paper, it fits the paper, but not too motorized on the road.

This kind of reason obviously has its price, at Mercedes means: At least 41,615 euros – and you should calculate an additional 10,000 euros for necessary or at least useful additions. For this you also get a vehicle that clearly emphasizes the new solidity that has already been recognized by Mercedes for several years. From the material used in the interior (feel and appearance) of the seat quality and body performance (no crunches or creaks) everything is here.

If there are any problems with teeth in the current series (S 205), they have long been extinct. In addition, it is not so much superfluous, but in almost every everyday situation, the load volume is 440 liters, which is tuned in the absence of rear passengers up to 1,460 liters.

Over 6,500 parts, about half of all items needed for a C-Class, have been restructured by Mercedes during the big facelift until the middle of the fourth generation. The core body remained unchanged, but there are the usual new attachments back and forth.

Modern from the inside

The interior is on high time.

But above all, the S-Class control and display concept was adopted – including the camera and radar systems. So now, the so-called active distance assistant (Distronic) of the navigation system is supported, the pace of intersections, rounds or curves is automatically adjusted.

As always, almost all extras, including the 12-inch screen behind the wheel, replace the analogue instruments. The still-free 10-inch screen in the middle is maintained. Both of the operations are not always logical, almost 4000 euros expensive command system with navigation.

For ordinary drivers and people with current diesel allergies, gasoline engines are the obvious option. Mercedes also offers a new C 200 gasoline engine, which develops 135 kW / 184 hp and 280 Newton meters from just 1.5 liters of cubic capacity. He is fully technical and has a 48V power-driven starter. Therefore, during acceleration, 10 kW / 14 hp can be dialed for a short period of time.

Even a so-called "sail operation" with the engine turned off – for example in rolling red light – it is possible. In addition, there is a variable valve control (Camtronic) that adjusts the valve elevator on the inlet side in two steps. Also a gasoline particle filter is installed.

As long as you move the C-Class as intended, ie "reasonable", the engine is characterized by smoothness, low noise level and good passage. However, if you want to pick up the power quickly, like on the highway or highway to take over, the low shift makes it negatively noticeable. Then the tension exerts and responds almost annoyingly to the driver's requirements.

The more surprising is the view of driving values: here is Mercedes 7.7 seconds for the sprint to 100 km and 239 km / h top speed. However, the engineers of the car's inventors can not induce: who moves the petrol engine wisely, but not the specified standard consumption of 6.6 liters, but will handle barely 8 liters.

Classic of station carts

As a load loader, C-Class Estate is particularly popular.

If you just want to enjoy the current roughly, consumption is easy in the double-digit area. Typical for a gasoline engine, typically for a slight displacement, requiring high speeds under load.

The new Nangang automatic gearbox in the C-Class is as impressive as the almost perfectly tuned, very comfortable yet not for soft suspension. Aside from minor weaknesses, it still does not offer optimal operating logic compared to its competitors, the C-Class is now back on state-of-the-art after the audit.

Those who are not a professional frequent traveler and do not consider that the highway itself is a hunting ground, is also served by the new engine. Well, the little shift gets used to it, but quite honestly: in 99 percent of all daily movements does not matter.

The price remains, of course, has not decreased even after the face lift. Who wants a C 200 with all its technical possibilities for help, light and interior design, can easily spend 70 000 euros. We think: Over 50,000 euros for the T model with this engine is pure luxury. Here, at last, the reason would reach its limits.

Technical data

Five-door, five-season residence of premium middle class; Length: 4.81 meters, width: 1.81 meters (with exterior mirrors: 2.04 meters), height; 1.46 meters, wheelbase: 2.84 meters, luggage volume: 440-1,460 liters 1.5 liter four-cylinder turbine petrol engine, 135 kW / 184 hp, maximum torque: 280 Nm at 3000-4000 rpm, 0-100: 7, 9 s, Vmax: 235 km / h, normal fuel consumption: 6,6 liters / 100 kilometers, CO2 emissions: 151 g / km, emission standard: Euro-6d temp, test consumption: 8.4 liters, efficiency class: C Price from : 41.615 Euro Short Description – Mercedes C 200 T Model Why: Inside and out nice looking, good performance, technically updated again Why not: high base price, expensive extra, small series of tank, operation is not always logical What's more: BMW 3 Series Touring (soon new), Audi A4 Avant, VW Passat Estate

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