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Jan Böhmermann: Deutsche Bahn stands for satirists

Bremen –

Extrawurst for Jan Böhmermann, Problem for Deutsche Bahn: Because he had gone in the wrong train in early November, TV satirist Jan Böhmermann on his own had forced the train crew a special stop.

He wanted to drive a car from Hamburg to Bremen, but accidentally took a train that went to Essen without stopping, told Böhmermann in a new podcast "Feast and Fluffy" with Oli Schulz.

In order to perform punctually at an evening event of Bremer Zeitung "Weser-Kurier" on the ship "Oceana" he asked the train manager for a special stop.

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Böhmermann reported in the podcast and earlier at the newspaper that the train manager had agreed on the special stop in Lauenbrück (Kreis Rotenburg / Wümme) after several calls.

From there he continued with a regional train to Bremen, then the TV presenter. Lauenbrück is about halfway between the two Hanseatic cities.

Bahn confirms the event only indirectly

Deutsche Bahn did not want to confirm the event on Monday, but stated on request: "It is true that for IC 2195 at 2.11, a special stop at Lauenbrück station."

Whether Böhmermann had been the reason for the unscheduled stop was open. According to media reports, television presenter Johannes B. Kerner was on the train.

The extra stop was an "absolute exception", called by the railroad. "In all the interests of all passengers, it should really be an isolated incident. We point this out to the colleague." However, the document has no consequences.

Spicy: Böhmermann should have a joke on the train: "If I do not get into Bremen it's personal injury on the inside." However, the leader could not laugh over it.

(Dpa / MJA)

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