Monday , January 17 2022

Hamburg 1-0 Cologne: Lasogga pushes HSV to the top – Bundesliga


The other league has never been so first class. At HSV (team market value: 56.95 million) against Cologne (74.9 million), two Bundesliga teams are felt in court. After 1-0 Hamburg is a little closer to the rise. HSV leader – thanks to Pierre-Michel Lasogga (26).

86 minutes: Santos moves into the box and protrudes at an acute angle. The Cologne-Towart Horn is strong, but Lasogga is in the right place. His extra shot is sitting.

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Photo: Witters

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Lasogga does in the fall 1: 0 for HSV against ColognePhoto: Witters

Again Lasogga! After the coach Hannes Wolf (37) took over, the striker was involved in three games with four goals (2 goals, 2 assistants).

Lasogga celebrated by the fans after the final whistle says Sky: "It was a very intense game. I think the better team has won. As you said, you must stand there as a striker, where the ball falls. I was lucky today. Now we want to make sure we're up at the 34th match day. "

The striker with a smile at his Abstauberport: "Be so good in the backward movement …"

Lasogga solves HSV!

Therefore, the northern Germans fail in line with their chance of exploitation. 21 shots go wrong or held. Only the 22nd seat.

Cologne is only once dangerous. Narey saves on the line when Höger sticks to a flank (58th). Fortunately for Rhinelander, there is no penalty for a handball by Czichos (16.).

FC remains in the fifth competition game in a row without victory. Coach Markus Anfang: "It sometimes means that you have a bad phase. Here we will be back."

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