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Green Party Congress in Leipzig: When the distance to the Union becomes clear


BThere is a lot of continuity in the green. If they arrive at the convention, preferably by train and other means of public transport, instead of in cars suspected of being widely suspected, it has concentrated in the last few years on a reliable sense of swarming. "Do you still have contact with Mia?" – "I saw them most recently in LDK." – "But I think is still in LAW." – "When does BDK go?"

It is viciously suspected that there are talks about national delegations' conferences and regional working groups, and the federal delegation conference is this party congress in Leipzig. It is about the weekend's election to the European Parliament in May, including the parallel elections in Bremen. And that is – thus the place of Leipzig – to the three parliamentary elections next autumn in East Germany.

With green is also a lot of departure. Treasurer Benedikt Mayer proudly reports 7221 new posts since January 1, 2017 – eleven percent of the 65,005 members in the Green Party. And when Mayer, who leaves the office at this party convention, asks them if anyone is new, tens of hands go up to 850 or so delegated.

There are dozens of new members among the participants in the 43rd Green Green Conference

There are dozens of new members among the participants in the 43rd Green Green Conference

Source: dpa / Hendrik Schmidt

Not weird. In the state elections in Bavaria and Hesse, it ran well, the competition SPD deteriorated, even from the union, voters voted and finally there is still in this circle called "Fascho party" AFD against which you form a car slot wild.

In addition, a certain admiration for charismatically accepted chairman Robert Habeck, who holds his speech on Sunday, welcomes beyond the green core code. He talks about Europe, about climate change and green values. If cum-cum and cum-ex agreements and turbo capitalism as green must tame.

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Europe means doing things "and not retiring to national condominiums," says Habeck. "The father's Europe is not Europe. Nationalists can not be in solidarity." He saves the topic of a great coalition in Berlin, Angela Merkel's departure and CDU under Friedrich Merz or Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

Habeck mentions, for reasons of Greens' popularity, the "insistence on cause, rationality, facts about this post-fabulous world". His message: We, the Greens, measure ourselves – not others.

On Saturday, the scene will be owned by Annalena Baerbock, his co-chairman. You alone do not go green, and sometimes the fight against equality goes into the absurdity. Then two boxes are put up: one gets women, where other men ask their questions. Then it is drawn, which comes with his question to the course, always beautifull becomes wife and husband. But for digitization, for example, only men apply for questions.

After the failed request to women, but please send additional notes, the conference chair is visibly annoyed. Finally, by means of a regulation to a regulation, he seeks the forum's permission to let the men get their statement. In the end, a delegate takes a pity on a question, but rather a statement, digitizing "fair and for the benefit of people and the environment" to do.

Very rarely there is a violation of the sex of the sex. For example, Baerbock refers in her speech to "Ode to Joy", as the world-famous pianist Igor Levit played on stage as a prelude. At the eastern enlargement of the EU in 2004, she heard Beethoven's song on an Oderbro, surrounded by hundreds of people, "and they became brothers". Does not it still follow a "and sisters"? Baerbock is still faithful to the design.

Green boss Robert Habeck (r.) With pianist Igor Levit

Green boss Robert Habeck (r.) With pianist Igor Levit

Source: AP / Jens Meyer

But elsewhere in their speech, it becomes clear how far the green and union environments, which are almost traded as a natural party to the Green Party, are still far apart. Baerbock points to an American protest protesting against abortion rights with a sign: "I can not believe I still have to fight this damn shit." (I can not believe I'm still facing that damn shit must fight.)

Baerbock is enthusiastic, "we have nothing else to say about paragraph 219. We can not imagine that we must continue to demonstrate against this shit," she said, referring to the debate on a ban on promoting abortion. Crap?

Apparently, the Greens, who are genuinely empathetic in so many problems, can not understand that the anti-abortionists today, especially in CDU and CSU, do not question the meaning "My Body Belongs To Me." However, only doubts that an embryo is part of the woman's body. You do not have to share that opinion, but if you reject it vulgar, do you refuse any serious dialogue with much of the EU environment.

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Internal security in the sign of sunflowers? Green dare to (picture mounting)

Climate protection, "Hambi remains and Bambi", Chemnitz, Neo-Nazis, migration, legal escape routes and the unanswered hope of a "European equitable and human distribution key" so that every immigrant in an EU country could apply for asylum. topics Baerbocks, the good arrives. For three years it has been said that "one has to discipline their compassion," says Brandenburg's woman, referring to the climate crisis in the migration crisis. But you mean, "We must finally admit sin again."

Baerbock tells about tragedies in the Mediterranean and a boat case where seafarers would have "found two women and one four-year-old, one of the women who die of thirst", and the Marines ask the surviving woman: how could it be the Libyan coastguard? but here to save you? And the living woman said that we, especially my girlfriend, were not ready to come on this boat. And then we see a mother with her child who would rather die of instead of sending the daughter back to hell in Libya. "

Obviously, Baerbock takes the case through media in the summer because one of the saviors was a Spanish basketball player. The woman's action sounds heroic. She gave her life to give the child a better future. However, Baerbock does not mention a detail: even the little girl died of thirst after the women refused to embark on the Libyan ship.

It is unequivocal that the women, both from Cameroon, would not have decided for a dangerous passage over the Mediterranean with a bright heart. But were they allowed to risk a child's life? Is the modern love admired?

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Songwriter and Mayor Hans Söllner in Bad Reichenhall, photographed by Frédéric Schwilden on his record company in Munich-Giesing

At the Congress, an application is rejected, the energy requirement even faster than planned and instead of 2050 by 2050 to 100 percent to switch to renewable energy. The votes on it take place after a guest appearance by IG metal chief Jörg Hofmann, who insured the "colleagues" in the automotive industry for e-mobility and emission-free engines. But according to the union leader, this requires "serious discussions about compensation work". As long as green does not have "consistent answers, it's hard to say" you're losing your job because we have to fight climate change. ""

Another drag on the left flow fails. He does not require additional revenue from European emissions trading to citizens with exemplary CO2To distribute the services planned by the Board, but to invest in energy-efficient building renovation. The reason for this is that "the revenue would also go to millionaires" and therefore it is "an energy money that only benefits the rich". Delegates also confirm the Board's line.

On the first and second place in the list of European elections in May, two left-wingers, Ska Keller and Sven Giegold, are chosen without opposition candidates and strong numbers. "At least two digits" should be the result of green there, "says Habeck, and it would be a confirmation of the result 2014 (10.7 percent).

The green leaders Annalena Baerbock (left) and Habeck (right) congratulate Ska Keller and Sven Giegold

The green leaders Annalena Baerbock (left) and Habeck (right) congratulate Ska Keller and Sven Giegold

Source: dpa / Hendrik Schmidt

It does not sound ambitious, but it is not obvious, because especially in the elections in Europe protesting parties like AfD can hope for strong results. "In the elections to the European Parliament, we must hang as clean as we are in the elections – put it on our feet," said Anton Hofreiter, chairman of the parliamentary conference.

In autumn 2019, the elections in Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia will be even harder for the latest greens, which have been successful in their success. There is the party in questionnaires in questionnaires. "Help us," appeals colleague Katrin Göring-Eckardt to the party. Federal CEO Michael Kellner already knows how to do it. He announces "Campaign Holidays in Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia".

Gröna swears on election campaign in the east

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It may be so nice in green. Record results in the last two elections, with euphoria against the elections to the European Parliament and really good mood. Would not there be a choice in the East?

Source: WELT / Jan-Friedrich Funk

On the party's website it becomes more accurate: "Whether in the doorstep's election campaign or in the venues, distribute the flyer or hang posters, any helping hand is welcome and needed." There are offers for accommodation and "vacant rooms with green members in place", probably more greens will change views on arrival to the next convention by bus or train about BDK and LDK and LAG.

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