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Germany launches Microsoft with new Surface models

Berlin (dpa) – Microsoft brings with it new hardware models Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3 in Germany in the trade. As of Tuesday, the devices will be available in a variety of configurations in the Microsoft Store online and at authorized resellers.

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Customers test Microsoft Surface Laptop 3. Microsoft has introduced new devices from its Surface series in New York. Photo: Mark Lennihan / AP / dpa

For all devices, performance, repair capability and battery life have been optimized, Microsoft said. On November 19, the tablet follows Surface Pro X.

The third generation Surface Laptop has Microsoft for the first time in a 15-inch version on the market.

With a minimal overhang of 0.4 millimeters, the screen can easily be opened at any time on the front edge without leaving any marks on the display, explained chief designer Ralf Groene. In addition, the Gorilla glass screen is optimized with a special coating for finger navigation. The keyboard has paid special attention to the keystroke. "We want to build the best keyboards," Groene said.

The Surface Pro 7 can be used as usual as a notebook with clipboard or alternatively as a tablet with a 12.3-inch touch screen. The battery should last for a full day.

For Tablet Surface Pro X, which is said to be particularly energy efficient, Microsoft, in collaboration with chip manufacturer Qualcomm, has developed its own processor SQ1 based on the ARM architecture, which is currently used mainly in smartphones. The chip has a separate sector reserved for artificial intelligence. Currently, for example, this partition is used to avoid an often annoying effect such as video calls, Groene says. As a rule, the interlocutors could not look each other in the eye. Microsoft has now developed a software that allows a computer-intensive geometry-correction direct eye contact.

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