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Gerard Butler, Gottschalk etc: Malibus firefight makes the stars homeless

The so-called "Woolsey" fire is the most devastating fire disaster in California history. All 13,000 residents of celebrity enclave Malibu, west of Los Angeles, have to evacuate their homes. Including stars like
Leonardo DiCaprio
, 44,
Tom Hanks
, 62,
Charlize Theron
, 43, Jennifer Aniston, 49,
, 72, etc. Since Thursday, Feuerwalze rolls over the noble residence of the rich and famous and destroyed many villas. Including the off
Gerard Butler
, 48,
Thomas Gottschalk
, 68,
Miley Cyrus
, 25,
Caitlyn Jenner
, 69, and singer
Robin Thicke
, 41.

British actor Gerard Butler, 48, presented a picture of himself on Sunday in front of the burned ruins in his home in Malibu. Even German TV veteran Thomas Gottschalk and his wife Thea have to say goodbye to their beloved property in Malibu. It was completely destroyed by the flames. So far, confirmed
Shannon Doherty
, 47, director Guillermo Del Toro, 54, and Caitlyn Jenner claim that they have fallen victims of houses of the roll of fire. The property of Cher was injured, but it still stands. It is still unclear whether additional star villas were destroyed. Celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, 49,
Lady Gaga
, 32,
Will Smith
, 50, Julia Roberts, 50, Barbra Streisand, 76 and also To Schweiger, 54, are still unclear if their house has survived inferno. Some of them posted pictures of their homes on the social network just before the evacuation, when the flames were already threatening close.

The worst four-star in California's history has also destroyed many Malibu mansions

The worst four-star in California's history has also destroyed many Malibu mansions

The full extent of the disaster will only be apparent in the next few days, when the fire brigade has burned the fires. It is believed that the number of destroyed houses is in hundreds. Many stars will be "homeless". Although many celebrities own more properties in the Los Angeles area, it makes the ideal loss of valuables and things of particular importance in the stars of the stars and others who have lost their homes. She robbed them of the fire. What remains is just smoky ruins – and the memories. Sources used: LA Times, Telegraph

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