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Exchange Express – ROUNDUP: China's car market continues to weaken


Downtrend on
The Chinese car market will also stay in October. According to data from
The car association PCA dropped the number of cars sold in the van
German automaker large sales market compared with last year's orders
13.2 percent to 1.98 million pieces. Even the China Association of
Car manufacturers (CAAM) arrive on Friday according to information
similar results. Thus, October tied in to sewing
weak September. At that time, sales were 13.1 according to PCA
The percentage fell, CAAM calculated minus 12 percent.

After the loss of recent months, car sales are now
even this year in minus. At the end of October fell
Number of cars sold by PCA by 2.5 percent to 18.4 million
Piece. CAAM drops to one percent from one percent to 19.3 million
Car. Should market during the two remaining months
do not attract industry in China this year
first paragraph minus for at least two decades as well.

These are not the quietest prospects of the German automaker.
China is hugely important as a sales market and has been previously
A guarantee of growth for decades. Trade conflict with the United States
Now whirls tariffs and even the market confused. Chinese
Buyers agree with the unclear situation
New purchases back. It hits the German manufacturers like
still needs to be rebuilt due to stricter exhaust standards in the EU.

Volkswagen sells more than half of their cars
the brand VW In China. In October, the group became
with its core brand, however, only 274 100 cars and thus 9.8
Percent less than last year. For the first nine months comes
Brand VW looked at the Chinese market only on a small one
Plus from 0.4 percent to 2.52 million vehicles.

At the VW subsidiary Audi showed the sales curve in
October in China, on the other hand, albeit the world
The sale of Ingolstadt collapsed. With 56 729 vehicles were
5.4 percent more than the year before. Sold from January to October
The premium producer in China has a good 14 percent more cars.

Even Daimler customer with his Mercedes-Benz brand
China last month, according to the latest data, with 50,231
Sell ​​vehicles well 9 percent more. For the first ten months
The plus was 12.7 percent with 550,938 cars. Is open
Still, as is the case with BMW Driving in China in October

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