Wednesday , May 18 2022

Duell in London – kick-off of the World Chess Championship: Carlsen has to settle


London (AP) – At the start of the World Chess Championship champion Magnus Carlsen and his American challenger Fabiano Caruana disappeared. The ruling world champion from Norway handed out many chances to victory in London and agreed only after seven hours in the draw.

Caruana opened the game with the e-binder's double striker, and Carlsen responded somewhat surprisingly to the Sicilian defense. The champion was very well prepared and won it better after the opening. The 27-year-old missed but repeatedly the opportunity to decide and allowed Caruana to swap the ladies.

In the smoke end game, Carlsen had a further farmer and attempted in his typical way to mislead his opponent until the 115th move to failure. But the 26-year-old Caruana stood firm and secured the root to the start of the World Cup.

The second game will take place on Saturday. Carlsen begins with the white stones. World Cup is scheduled for twelve matches. Who reaches 6.5 points first, crowns the world champion. If there is a tie, a tie will occur. The winner of a meeting gets a score, as a result, both players get a score of 0.5 points. The prize money is one million dollars.

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