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Dieter Bohlen: Horror trip with family – Majorca vacation ends in disaster

The family holiday in Mallorca turned out to be a horror trip for Dieter Bohlen, girlfriend Carina and his children. On Instagram, he let his fans participate.

  • Dieter Bohlen is a musician, producer and TV star
  • DSDS jurors took a vacation on Mallorca with Carina and his children
  • However, the family vacation for Dieter Bohlen turned out to be a frightening journey

Tosensen / Hamburg – holiday is known for being the most beautiful time of the year, but unfortunately not for that Dieter Bohlen and his family, Holidays on Majorca developed for pop titan to a real horror trip, like * reported. On his Instagramprofile takes Dieter Bohlen his fans through his everyday life, as well as in this drama. this family holiday is not the first everyday situation in Poptitansthat his followers continue Instagram can experience. I "Dieters Tagesschau"gives the 65-year-old regular insights into his private life.

Dieter Bohlen: Drama in Mallorca

the holiday on Majorca developed for Dieter Bohlen and his family into a real drama. the pop titan picked up their fans Instagram on "Dieters Tagesschau" with. Already on arrival, the great chaos erupted when they encountered pouring rain, freezing cold and thundering winds. But that was not enough. Throughout tohuwabohu occurred during familyholiday Terrible.

Dieter Bohlen forgot the key to the front door of the home and was locked not only with it, but also his children Amelie (8) and Maximilian (6) and Carina, the longtime girlfriend of Dieter Bohlen, the family of Poptitans looked no other way than to stop in the car. One night in the car for kids? The absolute anxiety. Dieter Bohlen gave in his Instagramcontribution openly admitted that his child was completely dissolved.

Dieter Bohlen: This is how Carina reacts to her compensation

"They cried and asked & # 39; Where are we going to sleep tonight? In the car & # 39;". the pop titan appeals to the compassion of his companions Instagram, "Anyone who has ever experienced anything like it knows how hopeless this situation will happen first – especially abroad, where no one knows you," he says DSDSjuror, The locksmiths thank the kids Dieter Bohlen but one night the car came around.

In compensation, Dieter Bohlen wanted his girlfriend Carina to eat a delicious meal in Palma de central Majorca Invite. But on this vacation occurred Dieter Bohlen in all sorts of faux pas – his wallet had left DSDS jurors in the house and could pay neither parking space nor food, because even Carina travels without money.

Fortunately, the couple can still laugh again. This holiday will be Dieter Bohlen and always remember his family as a horror trip. Let's hope that next time Family Vacations beautiful memories can be collected to forget the old ones. Following his blasphemy over Greta Thunberg, Dieter Bohlen now followed surprising climate change. Meanwhile, an actress has settled "hit the star" with DSDS juror Dieter Bohlen.

Dieter Bohlen: Not his first vacation

Already the previous year there were problems in screed
family because of one Holiday drama, Just before the annual Family Vacations Marie Wegener won the final "Germany seeks the superstar". Dieter Bohlen So she had to record her album with the winner in the studio. The reaction of the children and Carina was clear, although they know that without Dieter Bohlen, nothing happens on "DSDS" and "Super Talent".

"They stand there with their ball, snorkel and want to go to the beach – Carina didn't think it was fun," says Dieter Bohlen. The vacation before went due Dieter Bohlens Duties in the drain: Despite summer, sun, sunshine worked pop titan in holiday on new songs for Andrea Berg. Meanwhile, the wealth of Dieter Bohlen was calculated and gives the answer to how pop titan can afford his semester. At the same time, Dieter Bohlen had to cancel his "mega-tour", the fans are worried about DSDS jurors.

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