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Day One updates more than 50 GB in size


Fallout 76: Day One updates more than 50 GB in size

November 10, 2018 at 11:07 AM:

"Fallout 76" is accompanied by a big Day One update that is larger than the current game. About 52 GB has to be charged, according to reports from PSU.

Next week, Bethesda launches "Fallout 76". But between the purchase and your first match is a big obstacle. As PSU reports, Day One patch is bigger than the current game.

Day 1 update is 52 GB

While the "Fallout 76" has an installation size of approximately 45 GB, which is at least for the PS4 version, the Day One patch comes to a giant 52 GB. That is why you need to scoop almost 100 GB for installation on the console.

The download size is not surprising given the huge "Fallout 76" card and the overall dimension of the game that many players recently tested in the beta phase. They left a lot of feedback that Bethesda wants to make improvements.

Day One Update 1.01 is likely to be a forced update because of the online targeting of "Fallout 76" that you will not be able to avoid. Official patch notes are not available so far, so it is not clear what changes are made with the update to "Fallout 76".

Result from beta

The day-1 fix file for "Fallout 76" will probably solve some of the issues detected during the beta version. In addition to presentation and performance, Bethesda wants to optimize different areas based on feedback.

Fallout 76: Ultra-Wide Support, but no FOV Slider – Bethesda about the changes

Bethesda has stressed that the feedback from the beta of "Fallout 76" is taken into account. At Reddit, the company took a list of planned changes …

These include difficulty with the invitations, the Hunger Display Correction, which did not fill up properly during beta release, as well as improvements to audio playback, so players no longer hear random images. You can read our report on these plans here.

"Fallout 76" will be released on November 14, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can buy the shooter among others at Amazon dealers.

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