Thursday , December 3 2020

China's spy in Cologne unmasked: crazy spy thriller at Lanxess in Cologne

Cologne –

Spectacular espionage in the middle of Cologne! Over the years, a senior Lanxess employee has leaked trade secrets from the chemical company to China. It was about the manufacturing process for a new product.

Lanxess confirms claims

Lanxess presses EXPRESS: "A group of Chinese people deserted business and trade secrets several years ago about an innovative, but productive Lanxess product and attempted commercial exploitation. The chief perpetrator was a former employee who abused a trust position and his access to business and business secrets."

The group spokesman Frank Grodzki continues: "Lanxess could judge the perpetrators and fix them. Lanxess has managed to ward off the business." Lanxess thanks the relevant authorities for their help in clarifying the case. "We do not comment on further details."


Lanxess CEO Matthias Zachert.

The prosecutor's office in Cologne filed charges in June against the former employee, reports Reuters. Background is a show of Lanxess from the summer of 2016. The Cologne court now has to decide whether a main goal should be opened.

Two accused (40/48)

The accused, who is said to be a 48-year-old German with Chinese roots, faces up to four years in prison.

The man is accused of stealing relevant business secrets about the Lanxess product manufacturing process, sending it via email and using it in China.

In addition to the former Lanxess employee who has terminated the company without prior notice, in this case there is another accused, who is also a German citizen of Chinese descent. According to the prosecution, the 40-year-old has said that he has received business secrets and has participated in the development in China. He is facing prison for up to four years.

Email to Mr. U in China

The Landesarbeitsgericht Dusseldorf already condemned the former Lanxess employee for compensation of approximately 166,667 euros.

He must also replace further damage if required. The charges he had dismissed in court. However, according to a government committee communication, the man, who has been senior executives since the beginning of 2010, sent emails to Chinese from September 2011 to March 2013 to a Mr. U in China.

In addition to the manufacturing process for the Lanxess product, they also included an asset list and material part list for production.

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