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Cathy Hummels with an embarrassing breakdown in “A Heart for Children”


Cathy Hummels during the live show of “Ein Herz für Kinder”. Image: screenshot zdf

Cathy Hummels with an embarrassing breakdown in “A Heart for Children”

The big donation gala “Ein Herz für Kinder” took place on Saturday night. Over 70 celebrities were there live for the big ZDF show and collected donations. Helene Fischer was the big star guest and she performed two songs. In addition to her and Florian Silbereisen, there were many other stars such as Jana Ina Zarrella, Verona Pooth, Andrea Bocelli or David Garrett, who stood up for the little ones. Cathy Hummels was also there.

During the broadcast, Johannes B. Kerner came to the presenter and wanted her to give a generous amount as well. She should call her husband Mats for that. While trying to reach the football player, an unfortunate problem arose when millions of viewers got to see the chat between the couple.

Johannes B. Kerner in conversation with Cathy Hummels. screenshot zdf

The camera films Cathy’s chat story with Mats Hummels

Kerner was initially amused by the repeated encounter with the 32-year-old and remembered the previous show: “I see Cathy Hummels. It’s also a little tradition on ‘Ein Herz für Kinder’. Last time we called Mats Hummels. The villain watched the parallel program.” “Hopefully not today,” she replied. Hummels should then try again to reach his beloved from his cell phone. “How is it saved? Under Schatzi?”Kerner wanted to know. “Of course,” she said in the affirmative, adding:

Cathy Hummels tries to reach her beloved. Image: screenshot zdf

While she was trying to establish a connection, the moderator asked for a donation of 10,000 euros. Cathy shook Mats: “I say, call, or it’s going to be expensive.” So while typing on her cell phone, viewers could suddenly get a glimpse of her chat history as the camera filmed over her shoulder.

When Cathy writes “Call”, the camera pans to her cell phone. screenshot zdf

There you could see what lovers write like this: “Honey, I miss you too.” Cathy asked: “Really?” And immediately sent a red heart afterwards. In addition, the BVB player wrote: “But we train tomorrow and fly back to St. Petersburg on Monday morning.” By the way, the football player said again that he really missed his wife. Another red heart followed by Cathy.

Mats has more important things to do

But this faux pas went uncommented, the camera was quickly panned away again. Even when Kerner later left Cathy, the division is no longer discussed. However, the moderator reports that she reached Mats and said:

Johannes B. Kerner collected donations from Cathy Hummels. Image: screenshot zdf

Kerner was happy at the end and sent greetings to the athlete. By the way, almost 26 million euros were donated for “A heart for children”.


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