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Blizzard wants to say more about it soon


of Norbert Rätz
Blizzcon 2018 is likely to descend as the most native of the annals of Blizzard, as the message about the next Diablo title went so far as the subsequent Shit Storm was unmatched. Community leader Brandy "Nevalistis" Camel now promises that the team will work out the criticism and take a stand for it. Here are the news.

This year's Blizzcon could have been a party to Diablo fans, but it was not supposed to be this time either. Although it was just Blizzard's twelfth domestic show, it has not escaped the devil's announcement that we are already in the thirteenth year after the first Blizzcon 2005. And the body hit immediately, as we have already reported several times in recent days. On the other hand, the Low German wording "Wat den Eenen its Uhl, Annars sin Nachtigall" also applies. The mobile community will surely have received the Diablo Immortal message.

The reason for the PR failure was not to announce a mobile title in the Diablo universe, but because nothing more came for the much larger PC society. Already in this year's game mix, Blizzard had rumored rumors of a sequel to Diablo 3 through a smart video announcement and thus raised very high expectations. Although it warned until the fair, not to hyped too much, but at this time the mass of Blizzcon tickets and livestock tickets took place for the man / woman. Those who have been invited to buy in anticipation of major Diablo News should have been very angry because there was no more Diablo news along Immortal.

The Shitstorm that followed is probably the biggest Blizzard that has ever experienced. Instead of giving in, different situations made worse, various dubious actions like the repeated upload of Youtube's extremely badly ranked Diablo Immortal videos or deletion of legitimate criticism. Now back to Blizzard's head office, Commander Brandy "Nevalistis" Camel promises that the team will take a closer look at feedback from the last few days and comment on it soon.

What we are told is open. A possible clue can be "nugget" like "Nevalistis" already released the Blizzcon live stream from "Rhykker": "I can say so much that next season (2019) will be good for Diablo 3. And we have more later as we want share with you. "With speculation, we are very careful about this Blizzcon, but in terms of formulation, it may be the next major announcement that concerns Diablo 3, such as a second DLC package.

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