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Austria: First Date with Bayerin Deadly – "I Have Known Only in Five Minutes"

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Austria: A sad accident occurred in Upper Austria on Sunday. A 44-year-old sank on the first date with a Bayerin in a bathing lake.

Feldkirchen an der Danube – It is a tragic story that took place on Sunday in Upper Austria. A 44-year-old was drowned in a bathing lake on his last date with a woman from Bavaria. The man had met a woman from Passau on the Internet and had been raped. They both decided to go swimming in a bathing lake in the Upper Austria church.

At 14, the 44-year-old and his companion got into the water and went swimming. The Austrians, who suffered from leukemia, removed about 100 meters from the shore. Who did Kronen Zeitung reported, the man had said to his companion that he wanted to swim back to the shore and was turned around. If the passenger returned to the shore a little later, they had to find that their guidance had never arrived.

Man drowns at first date – 36 lifeguards in detention

Another bathing guest was to be observed, if the 44-year-old had yet been called to the assistance, before he went to see him at sea. The police are understood and a random diver makes a quick search for the man. However, neither the nor the 36 Rettungstaucher who were sucked in could still save the Austrian. At 16 hours, the man could only be saved.

Its guidance softly there Kronen Zeitung"I have known about only five minutes long."

A mysterious death case occurred even in Lower Bavaria. A 23-year-old crashed into the street and died.

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