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Andrea Berg: Clear message! Pop star defends Helene Fischer

Andrea Berg is tired of bullying fans.
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Probably all genres of music have their own feuds: Beatles or Rolling Stones? Backstreet Boys or N & # 39; Sync? Andrea Berg or Helene Fischer? In almost every generation there are fans who see their idol as the only true one. But at least Andrea Berg can not do anything with such gossip and now urges her supporters to order.

Andrea Berg: Fans attack Helene Fischer fans

Particularly in social networks, it is easy to insult other people who are the basis for anonymity. Also among Andreas Berg's fans there are clearly black sheep, who can not resist the scary adherents of Helene Fischer. But also Andrea Berg's true fans, this is obviously disgusting, which is why one of their Facebook follows SchlagerNow the attention of the singer drew attention. And it responded quickly.

Andrea Berg condemns hate for Helene Fischer fans

Just a few hours later Andrea Berg replied with a video comment in the way some of their supporters behave, they dislike: "Are there really people who call my fans and put on Helene's pages some hate things? I can not imagine, because they are not fans, they just do not shoot right, "says Andrea in the shortcut. She herself could not understand or tolerate such behavior.

No cause for a fan! Andrea Berg likes Helene Fischer

For all hate, there is no reason for Andrea Berg: "I love Helene as a person and admire her as an artist, and where the mouse bites no thread", the pop singer continues. Let's hope that the message has arrived. As with every genre, there is enough space in the hit for more than just a star.

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