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Aldi: New bottle design – customer criticizes discounts

Aldi Süd has replaced bottles with mineral water.

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Aldi relies on thinner bottles for its mineral water. Obviously suffering from the handling, what a customer complained about on Facebook.

Essen – The retail trade has declared war on disposable packaging. There are currently a number of initiatives and campaigns in which companies use less plastic to reduce waste. Aldi Süd has set this goal. The caller has relied for a short time on thinner bottles for his mineral water. A customer complained about it via Facebook.

Aldi explains new bottle design

The user published an image with a bottle, which is pressed in some places. For this, she wrote the comment: "New plastic bottles for mineral water, which are so thin that you can barely handle them. What did Aldi like about it?"

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Aldi Süd answered the question in a post. The answer is: "We thought we would use less plastic and thus save resources in production. This in turn benefits the environment. Of course, we also test the handling of the bottles before making such changes. However, we are also grateful for all the feedback and pass it on. gladly. "

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Aldi customer is also not satisfied with the quality

The customer's question was answered, but her problem is not solved. She also criticizes: "We will change, because the water quality is no longer the same. Still, thanks for the feedback."

This was followed by a lively discussion. Another Userin mockingly says: "I heard it would work with two hands or would you tell everyone seriously, you wouldn't be able to pour water from a bottle by mistake into a glass?"

The author of the original article then stated that the criticism was ultimately about the elderly whose motor function could be restricted due to rheumatism or arthritis. "If an entire bottle is then strained due to the thin material, the two hands also help to hold and pour, as the water comes out in the dry and next to the glass. By the way, they are happy that everything goes smoothly with you and you never get old. and get sick. "

It will probably be seen in the future if Aldi retains the changed packaging design or makes adjustments. Other supermarket chains had previously shipped fruit and vegetables on plastic packaging earlier. Real also wants to follow this example. However, the chain leaves time until the end of 2020 to implement its action.


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