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"Aktenzeichen XY": Witnesses recognize ZDF-living 27-year-old phantom images

Investigators hope in the case of unresolved evidence of cold case from viewers of the ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY". Who killed Anja and Vanessa?

  • Investigators are hoping for hints through the ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY".
  • Who ironed Anja Witt and Vanessa Wardelmann?
  • In the live broadcast, phantom images which are from May 1993 were published.

"Aktenzeichen XY": The police check 100 clues

Update from November 15, 2019, 9:20 am: It is still unclear if a hot track is beneath it. After the ZDF broadcast "File number XYis " 100 references to the two murders of women got, so the police Cuxhaven.

"We have many clues. Some of them seem to be interesting. We are currently following the instructions and checking them"said a spokeswoman for the Cuxhaven Police Inspectorate.

The equipment investigators now hope the witness book will go ahead. In addition to the phantom images (from 1992 and 1993), the police have turned to the public with visual objects: Leukoplast in a width of five centimeters and one nylon cord (three millimeters) with Knots and loops, The adhesive tape from the Leukoplast brand was then found in all households, emphasizes the police, but rather with this width rather at a doctor or in a hospital. Anyone who can provide information on these items, please contact Cuxhaven police.

At that time, Leukoplast was only five inches wide at the doctor or hospital, according to police. The nylon string (three millimeters) with knots.

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The Oldenburg Police Directorate has suspended a reward of up to € 5,000 for crucial information that led to a final verdict by the perpetrator.

"File number XY": In two cases – call the names of potential offenders

Update from November 13, 2019, 9:51 PM: Alfred Hettmer from LKA Munich explains at the end of the show that it is the two dead women some tips "There were many answers. There were also conversations reporting on the phantom images. In the case of the other phantom a call had been answered, which could give very concrete tips. It will be seen if this case can turn in a completely different direction again. A very interesting story. "

In the case of a robbery, a call can even name a specific name. As Hettmer further explains, emergency situations are currently underway to control the clue. With regard to another robbery against a young couple, a spectator had a specific name. This will now be checked in the evening, Hettmer explains.

As for a concrete block thrower, investigator Thomas Götze sent emotional words to the perpetrators. "The least is that you make yourself into action and at least apologize to the man."

Update from November 13, 2019, 8:37 pm: For several years there is no trace of the murderer of the two prostitutes Anja and Vanesssa, now investigators hope new clues from the broadcast on the ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY". After a short game, investigator Reiner Brenner explains in a conversation with moderator Rudi Cerne: "We go by the hypothesis that we are really looking for a serial offender".

It should act according to investigators for a man from the regional environment. Brenner emphasizes that the perpetrator can be an eye-catching man, neighbor or husband: "His inclination need not have been noticed."

Who knows these two men?

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The published phantom images should not necessarily be the same man or perpetrator. As the investigator points out in the interview, it can also be a witness. Particularly striking: the unknown man asked shortly before the crime for the later victims.

Now the investigators are hoping for new clues, especially from bad prostitutes. This can lead to hints at past freer and sexual preferences for a new track.

Anja Witt, left, and Vanessa Wardelmann, right, are dead. Were both women victims of the same perpetrator?

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"Aktenzeichen XY": Investigators hope for clues – who killed Anja (26) and Vanessa (22)?

First notification on November 13, 2019:

Icing – Not infrequently tried ZDFtelecast "File number XY"Even for a long time, unexplained criminal cases can finally be clarified serial killer Now the investigators hope for clues from TV viewerWho killed Anja Witt and Vanessa Wardelmann?

"Aktenzeichen XY": Cold Case before the Enlightenment? Investigators introduce the case

Although the bodies of the two then young women were discovered in different places, the investigators suspect that there are killer Anja and Vanessa handle the same perpetrator. The two women were heroin-addicted women in the early 1990s. Both served on the street in Batteriestraße i Bremerhaven Lehe their livelihood.

On September 26, 1992, the body of the then 22-year-old Vanessa Wardelmann was found just 13 kilometers south of Bremerhaven near Loxstedt-Nesse. The body of 26-year-old Anja Witt was found on May 9, 1993 near Verden (Aller), about 100 kilometers from Bremerhaven. In both cases, the victims were the victims Mouth with leukoplasty sealed. The body of the then 26-year-old was found naked, offender must have taken the clothes on the young woman.

Video: Over and over again suspects are found thanks to file number XY

"Aktenzeichen XY": investigators publish phantom image in ZDF broadcast

Then the discovery of the two women police in two directions: were the two women victims of a sex offender? Or did Anja Witt and Vanessa Wardelmann have drug debt? The broadcast in the ZDF broadcast can now give the decisive hint. For investigators who were published in live broadcast phantom images of each approximately 30-year-old unknown man.

As investigators emphasize in advance, it cannot be ruled out that the two phantom images are one and the same person. The case of Anja Witt and Vanessa Wardelmann from Bremerhaven on "Aktenzeichen XY" is also reported *,

"Aktenzeichen XY": These cases showed ZDF in recent weeks

In early September, the investigators hoped for clues in the case of a brave robber. Now criminal cases can actually be clarified.

In "Aktenzeichen XY" investigators hoped for new evidence in the case of an unknown death. What was shown, not all viewers could do.

At "Aktenzeichen XY", ZDF and presenter Rudi Cerne presented a cold case from Hamburg. Retired investigators also responded. Who killed Iris Schwarz?

Many callers report to "Aktenzeichen XY" with important references to the murder of Norbert Ottinger. The supermarket operator was murdered in 2006.

"Aktenzeichen XY" on ZDF: In the special "Where's my child?" The program showed four cases of missing children. Christina Hermert is still considered missing.

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