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2. Bundesliga live ticker – VfL Bochum vs. Germany. SV Darmstadt 98

From left, Robbie Kruse pulls towards the middle and lurks on a gap. But she does not want to open up. Nevertheless, Australia is trying it, but remains with its right foot shot.

While Dirk Schuster leaves the yellow-red trucker Tim Rieder in the cabin at the break, Robin Dutt sends his team without changes in the second game.

Swapping of players at SV Darmstadt 98
Sandro Sirigu comes to Tim Rieder

Half-time Conclusion:
No goals have been made in Ruhrstadion yet. So far, only Bochumers have tried. VfL decided the events over long distances and recorded at least three, four rather promising door locks. With Robert Tesche's first title (21), home team had the absolute best scoring opportunity. The other scenes were at best half chances. Darmstadt was largely limited to the defensive work. In the game ahead, the guests only saw sporadic appearance. In the enemy's sixteenth, the Lilies came barely ever without the necessary determination. The statistics are three shots on goal, only a box from Serdar Dursun flew at least on the box. Hesse did not have a real chance.

Again, we see a dispute between Tim Rieder and Robbie Kruse on the left. This time, Australia gets a free kick.

Tom Weilandt not only claims the ball to the left but also has a good picture of the situation. The pass in the middle happens exactly in the tunnel by Robert Tesche, who does not get the ball completely under control on the way to the penalty area and finally blocked.

In the running duel with Tim Rieder, Robbie Kruse goes into the box to the ground and wants a penalty. Judge Thomsen finds that this is not enough to whistle and be correct.

Darmstadt is limited to being sporadic forward. The Lilies, however, give no danger at all. The three statistically registered goal cuts are not worth mentioning.

From the second row, Tom Weilandt takes Mass. In a slightly right position, the midfielder moves with its right foot. The ball snaps over the left post.

Yellow Card to Tim Rieder (SV Darmstadt 98)
Tim Rieders opponent Robbie Kruse falls on the sidelines and takes up his first warning for the current season.

Currently the home team is clearly back on track. At the moment, however, the train does not have the port.

Again, Sidney Sam executes a corner – this time on the left side. And again finds his flank the head of Robert Tesche. He does not even have to jump up, comes there unrestrained to the ball. But the 31-year-old does not really get the pressure behind his goal. Daniel Heuer Fernandes dropped this round easily.

Meanwhile, guests participate more intensively in the game, gaining more and more game shares. Overall, VfL still has the edge in this regard.

After a mistake by Danilo Soares to Marcel Heller, liljorna gets a free kick. Tobias Kempe takes care of it on the right side. His tall cross lands on a Bochum head.

Yellow card for Tobias Kempe (SV Darmstadt 98)
Tobias Kempe prevents the execution of a free kick, but does not keep the desired distance. Dr. Martin Thomsen draws the yellow card for the first time. For Darmstadt, the fifth is this season, which results in a lock.

Now Sidney Sam is following a long ball. Daniel Heuer Fernandes is attentive, plays well and stands in time ahead of the opponent on the ball.

Tobias Kempe dissolves the Bochum defense with a good pass. In the penalty area, Serdar Dursun can not best accept the ball under pressure, why a goal is missing.

From the right side, a corner of Sidney Samin sits in the middle. At the height of the second post, only Robert Tesche enters the cross. This provides a good opportunity. The midfielder guides the pill from about five meters just past the left goal angle.

On the other hand, Sidney Sam tries to come from the left and just outside the penalty area. Left footer misses the box by Daniel Heuer Fernandes.

From the left half-field, Joevin Jones takes the ball to the center and finds the skull of Serdar Dursun. His title will be a safe replacement by Manuel Riemann.

Marcel Heller now offers a little space on the right side. But as far as Darmstadt works well Bochum back, quickly takes many people behind the ball.

A corner draws at least these goal scenes after. But this does not make homeowners remarkably dangerous.

On the right side of the pits Tom Weilandt goes through well and puts the ball in the middle with his left foot. There is even a shot at the goal. Daniel Heuer Fernandes gets his fingertips on it. Then the ball rolls slowly, stretches the left post and runs past the box.

In the defense, Bochum repeatedly goes very negligently to work. There is some evil here. Nevertheless, it will not be punished.

Now Robin Dutt's men are central to the penalty area Lukas Hinterseer in shooting position. However, the Darmstadt defense makes the shop to you, giving the Austrian deflected right foot in Daniel Heuer Fernandes captivating arms.

After a mistake by Jan Gyamerah, the Lilies reach their first offensive scene. But Marvin Mehlem acts too hectic, looking for a hasty conclusion and making a big mistake with her left foot in a distance.

Half-links at the edge of the box take Anthony Losilla Mass and locks the ball at the bottom. Daniel Heuer Fernandes reaches the ball past the post. The game would probably have taken the way even without the containers needing to intervene. However, the following corner gives nothing.

So far most events have occurred in half of the guests. Bochum's people are keen to be single, go early. Accuracy is still missing in the end.

Then VfL determines the start minutes. On the other hand, Darmstädter first appears to be well behind. First, the lilies do not aim for much more.

Initially, the home team get a free kick on the left side. The performance of Sidney Sam proves to be upgradeable. Nevertheless, the first shot on goals soon after. Do not call Anthony Losilla with his right foot.

Regular conditions are available this Monday evening in Bochum. With cloudy skies and temperatures around ten degrees, we do not expect rain. The lawn is as easy to play. And at Ruhr Stadium's levels, about 12,000 expected spectators have arrived.

At the same time, the protagonists thrive on the lawn. The two captains Stefano Celozzi and Aytaç Sulu are ready to vote. The former wins the selection of seats, so the guests get the ball and can roast bread.

Just before the kick-off, we dedicate ourselves to the referee team. This is Dr. Martin Thomsen. The 33-year-old referee heads his 44nd second division match, supported by assistants Dominik Jolk and Timo Klein.

When we look at the table, Robin Dutt expects "a kind of key game that can shape the coming weeks." Darmstadt is currently in a very good shape, so we must be very careful, especially with standards, which was a bit of a problem. You can not leave Sulu in the penalty area. "

Dirk Schuster said in advance about a difficult task, "but we want to continue our own upward trend in the last three games." The Lily coach has praise for the opponent: "I have to respect how Bochumers shape their games, I think the right way was taken and Robin Dutt and the other responsible staff all do a very good job."

While VfL has quite a decent record, Darmstadt is one of the weakest teams in the league from home. Only four points were collected by the team Dirk Schuster abroad. A victory was only on the fourth match day in Heidenheim.

Darmstadt has scored three points twice in a row – of which home against Greuther Fürth and Magdeburg. Before that, the Hessians took a point in Regensburg. For three games, the lilies have not been lost. The last drop was at the end of September in Kiel.

However, with the winner, Bochum did last hard. Three times in a row, the men in Robin Dutt did not get beyond a score. The final victory was at the beginning of October in front of a home crowd against Arminia Bielefeld. This means that VfL has been unbeaten in four matches. On his own ground, the club last time in September went to Dynamo Dresden, the short straw.

Two equal table neighbors meet in Ruhrstadion. The eleventh is the twelfth guest. For VfL, it speaks better the goal difference (+6). In any event, it is a trend meeting. The winner can now orientate himself upwards.

Only one change is available with the guests. Due to a yellow-red barrier, Dirk Schuster has to do without Fabian Holland. His place in Darmstädter's initial formation takes Sebastian Hertner.

On the side of the home team there are two changes compared to the last game. Tom Baack will first sit on the bench today. In addition, Chung-yong Lee is already on the trip to the South Korean national team and is therefore completely absent in the squad. For moving Stefano Celozzi and Robbie Kruse in the Bochum starter.

Welcome to the Monday game in the 2nd Bundesliga! At the end of the 13th match day, VfL Bochum and SV Darmstadt 98 meet each other at 20:30.

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