Monday , September 20 2021

Verdun Edition | Emmanuel Macron at Les Éparges: "Here's history gotten memory"

Twenty-minute exchange, sometimes lively, with Verdunois before going to lunch with the chosen officials at the town hall (read page 4), farewell never ending before Ossuary of Douaumont where a crowd of 300 people l waited: Emmanuel Macron the day before in Pont -A-Mousson had left the inhabitants of his hunger, took all his time in Meuse while learning the arrest of six people who fomenting an attack on him (read page 5). Constantly, the president came to celebrate the hundred in 14-18 years and hammered his message because he was angry. So he deminerates, patiently and laughs. "When we change things, we boast habits, it's normal that people are not happy. The purchasing capacity has increased by 1.6%, we still do not know it, but it's true. It is the question of rising fuels that he is the biggest Attacked. Again he melts with a smile: "The fuel is not Bibi! We do not control everything because there are world prices. It is true that those who have a fuel boiler that they can not change, those who need their car to go to work are punished, we have to help them. Modalities are not defined, he indicates that he asked the government to study the issue and urges the regions to work with the state on mobility. Well-founded political speech. The European elections are not far, seduction must stand out.

But it is in the morning, at Les Éparges, that he strikes his heart. Les Éparges, a small town with 60 souls attached to the memory of Maurice Genevoix to the wild battle that took place there, discovered this author when he was a child. In the eparges it is 14-18 according to his heart. It is only in this place where the statue of Genevoix is ​​guarded that he will speak.

Emotion comes out when he sits at Esparges house. "The memories have never comforted the mothers, the women who lost a child, a man in a battlefield," he begins. This magnificent speech announces the next entry to the Hall of Maurice Genevoix, whose family has been waiting and hoping for this recognition for several years. Emmanuel Macron does not live on details. He prefers to elicit "the 14" referring to the great book Genevoix, the "who knew why they should die" and urges Malraux to talk about these "patriots who made war without love". The 14 of whom he will honor with gravity a little later on the little cemetery of the sidewalk where Porchon, Genevixen's friend rests, but also in Fleury, a martyr's city where nothing remains except craters dug into the ground, at Ossuaire, or at the necropolis, before an infinite wit of white crosses, enters the Pantheon next year, he promises, along with Genevoix. "Here is history. History honors us, it commits us," he said again.

"The fuel is not Bibi! We do not control everything, there are also world prices."

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