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two months of advance and controversy


Schedule a long time at Invalides, the shelf to Marshals has always hit the number Philippe Pétain. The presence of Emmanuel Macron, a time confirmed, was finally ruled out precisely to avoid the controversy that broke out on Wednesday.

Since the beginning the subject was fixed. How does the marshals honor the Great War when one of them became Vichy's government later? On Wednesday, the mere mention of Marshal Pétain by Emmanuel Macron has put fire on the powders. "One could have been a great warrior during World War I and led to mortal elections under the second," said the Charleville-Mézières president of the Ardennes.

Executive still tried Thursday to extinguish the fire. Emmanuel Macron has condemned Maubeuge a "false polemic" and a "bad trial". The day before, Benjamin Griveaux had launched the demineralization operation. "No tribute will be paid to Petain Saturday. It was never", said the government spokesman. State Secretary Marlene Schiappa threw the point: "Marshal Petain, Traitor to the Fatherland, was sentenced to national indignity. The Republic's President Will not Celebrate It" She had hammered and said that only the five marshals buried at Invalides would have a tribute.

October Round

Foch, Lyautey, Maunoury, Fayolle and Franchet d'Esperey were they really the only marshals touched by Saturday? This is really what the defense minister Florence Parly supported on October 30 on the microphone of Jean-Jacques Bourdin. But one and a half and a half years, the press release of the 100-year launch declared exactly the opposite. Broadcast on September 18, he mentioned the tribute "to eight marshals" – including Petain – even announced that it would be "in the presence of the President of the Republic" Emmanuel Macron.

Extract from the launch press to the Centennial Armistice Commemorative Program.

Extract from the launch press to the Centennial Armistice Commemorative Program. Official newspaper

So there was a turn that occurred in October. During the summary presentation of "homelessness" to the press on October 18, it is stated that Elysee wishes a November 11 "without expressions of military". It's not a matter of "celebrating victory 1918", it is said, provoking a first controversy. In addition, the new press package no longer mentions tribute to the marshals with the participation of Emmanuel Macron.

In fact, such a tribute put the presidency in a double step. Firstly, it is impossible to honor the marshals of the Great War without including, implicitly, Marshal Petain. Secondly, the current story of the Great War, which puts the hero of hardness against the stubborn strategic choices of its leaders, opposes.

The ceremony is finally limited to its strict military dimension. It will be moved to Saturday, November 10, and the president is no longer present. He will be represented by his chief of staff, admiral Bernard Rogel. The tributes are no longer reserved for marshals, but for all the leaders of the Great War, "from corporal to public" there is a hammer for the staff. One way to avoid overlaying the headlight on the figure of the winner of Verdun.

Headed by the head of the armed forces François Lecointre, the ceremony will be more sober: taking arms with scrutinizing bodies in a courtyard of Hotel des Invalides, speaking General Lecointre, depositing Sheaf of five marshals buried in place. It ends with a ringtone to the dead and one minute of silence.

Thus the turbulent question of "tribute to Petain" was buried … Until the confusion resumed Wednesday by Emmanuel Macron's voice, defending "tribute to the marshals", pointing out that Petain was "during the First World War, also a great soldier." Opposite the opposition and the international press, the controversy combats the bike of memorials and risks that transform this purpose of memorial roaming into a true road to the head of the head of the head.

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