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Transport. Indigo weel puts in touch in Toulouse

Announced in June 2018 by the mayor of Toulouse, the arrival of electric scooters in self-service has been effective since Monday, November 12 in the streets of Pink City. And it is the operator Indigo Weel that has been selected. Since April 2018, it has driven a fleet of 1800 bicycles in free flowing ". Originally, about thirty-wheel wheels must be used. They will be one hundred by the end of 2018.

An increase in power that is the subject of negotiations between the operator and Toulouse City Hall, the latter who wishes to master through a charter commitment, the generalization of vehicles in the " free flowing In the streets of the city. A charter, according to travel assistant Jean-Michel Lattes, convinced Cityscoot not to settle in Pink City. : The Parisian operator planned to quickly launch almost 500 vehicles.

An investment of 2 million euros

Weel, a subsidiary of the Indigo Group, which manages a large part of the car park in Toulouse, expects a rapid deployment. " By spring 2019 we must arrive at 500 scooters in Toulouse, the economic equilibrium point in our business Says Jean Gadrat, its Managing Director. In the long run, the investment is 2 million euros for the entire fleet. The forecasted turnover is estimated by Indigo Weel is 3.2 million euros. In return, the city hall receives a fee of 30 euros per scooter per year paid by the company.

" Nearly a thousand people have already downloaded the app in a month and a half "Still welcomes Jean Gadrat. In the end, about ten people will be assigned maintenance of the scooter park, which will consist of replacing two-wheeled batteries at night. Half of the workforce will be recruited on permanent contracts. The rest of the recruits may be students recruited through the starting staff me. " We have already identified areas such as the airport area and the IoT valley in Labège where the offer of electric scooters would be meaningful Says Jean Gadrat.

The offer to use scooters is grouped on an application that is available on Google Play and IoS, where users can find all their cargo deals in " free flowing »: Bikes and soon cars and electric scooters.
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In the picture: Jean Gadrat, Head of Indigo Weel. Contributions: Rémy Gabalda – ToulÉco.

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