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Toulouse: a femme jugée pour avoir tué sa collègue et découpé son corps en morceaux

It is true that crime is not accusative, but that the collage of travail, which in fact is not a quinquagenarian of the corps of the victors, is the affair of the norms.

Durant cinq jours, through the Haute-Garonne assays by explorer Sophie Masala's personality, 55 years, with the family passé exempt de violences, councilor for a structure associative for disabled people.

It tends to compress the qui l'a conduit to tuer Maryline Planche, 53 years old, on May 12, 2016 in Toulouse, avant de découper de dépouille and a disperser ci et la morceaux le long du canal du Midi – ce qui lui vaut ce surnom macabre the "démembreuse du canal du Midi". Quantum la tête de la victime, Sophie Masala revels in Soudain, la fin de son premier interrogatoire devant le juge, l'avoir entree du jardinet près de balcon.

"Une obsession haineuse"

Pour l'accusation, Sophie Masala, "a mere pendant of semantics, avant-garde in the act, an obsession haineuse l'égard de sa collègue Maryline Planche, is not the jealousy of position. »Habitant de Montpellier (Hérault), marriages and more de grands enfants, Sophie Masala decides to go to the CDI in the branch of the Association of the Management of the Fund for the Insertion of the Persons with Disabilities (Agefiph), fin 2015.

Knowledge, a-t-el admis, but for motifs flous, see relations of Maryline Planche, consultant and responsible of the logistics of the structure, see series of degrees. A different percussion for the other employees, in the face of personalized opposites: Sophie Masala, "bewildered, impulsive and desordonnée", a cause for a history of the full-fledged restaurants, not just to combine Maryline, "excellent professional "au caractère" calme et discret ", l'agaçait.

On May 12, 2016, as a result of a son's absence, Sophie Masala's introduction to the rival's apartment, as well as the arrival and departure of the operation. The survey does not permit the establishment of the form or the procedure of the clause. In addition to multiple versions, the explicit return of Maryline Plane's return, a vive of dispute and opposition on the subject of the case is reproached by the importer chez pour travailler.

It's the course of this violet altercation, for the sake of the defense, the aurait empoigné une bouteille de vin pleine pour frapper sa collègue plusieurs fois au visage et au crâne. A Scenario Questioning for Leisure Time: Alerting the Crisis of the Crisis, the Avail Aperçu Maryline Planche sur le Palier, a culotte and tee shirt, pairing with a femme qua l'avit ramenée dans l'appartement and la tyrant par les cheveux. "All this is a crisis of the nerfs", says aurait indiqué calmement l'inconnue.

"Disappointment with regard to the situation"

The intriguing compilation of Sophie Masala takes a look at the following of the collage series in the debate. Avant the decoupe du corps a la métaux, in laquelle or new process for cinema jours april, every part and week-end and family in Montpellier (Hérault); the appraisal of the carte bancaire and the phone of the victim; in fact, in fact, from Maryline Planche, as a matter of course, in sexual harassment…

Pour Me Laurent Boguet, attorney for the Prosecution of Me Georges Catala, as the parachément of the portrait "the persona glazante". "All the facts, apres la mise à mort, the voluntary destruction morbidity and deployment, or the fact of the figure of the trophy macabre", analysis-t-il, and similar at six point six clients' interest in "a viscera after confrontation »at accusée.

The advocate of Sophie Masala, Ms Pierre Dunac, recalls, lauded, as client contests "l'intention homicide" – the plaidera "les coups mortels". It proposes an autre lecture de ce qui a suivi. "Explicitly, as well as the confession of the alarms and the souvenirs of confession, as well as the passage of a situation in the situation. Else and panic it and voulu en dissimuler les conséquences. Either way, six gestures are perceptual and constructive and are relevant to the curate. But el'intention of the explicit. »

Sophie Masala encourages trained criminal prosecution.

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