Saturday , September 25 2021

to recruit smaller players, Monaco would circumvent the rules

SCAN SPORT – According to Media, the princely club has "multiplied the twisted movements" to convince the young actors' entourage to engage.

In recent years and like many clubs in Europe, AS Monaco has implemented a recruitment policy to attract many young people with great potential to sell a few years later with a capital gain. Because it's impossible to get a teenager to write a coveted contract or pay a tuition department, the clubs sometimes go to tricks to fill their training center. As part of the revelations of football leaks, media Party Confirms that AS Monaco has committed many violations of current provisions to attract young hopeful.

The investigation site mentions the case of a player of twelve and a half as the Furstend's club definitely wants to do 2017. Problem, this is about to begin its formation with INF Clairefontaine. It must be done quickly. Nicolas Holveck, Deputy Director-General, addresses Director General Vadim Vasilyev in an email to explain the need to unlock a sum (EUR 200,000 in total over five seasons) to grant access to the young shot of "Gratifications": "15 000 euros upon signing the agreement under private conditions for his arrival ", then" 20,000 euros for the early signing of the prospective agreement and / or the ANS agreement (a non-procurement agreement in which the player can commence from 13 years of age not to write any ASM would also give the family the rent and take care of "to facilitate the steps" for brothers and sisters. AS Monaco is committed to helping mom hoping to find a job.

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The professional football team believes that it is not forbidden for a club to hire parents for a minor or to help them find accommodation. On the other hand, "giving financial benefits to parents is much more doubtful". In addition, the use of the private sector in contractual terms is prohibited by the Professional Football Charter. media Party do not know if the negotiations succeeded with the above-mentioned terms but the proposal was validated by Vasilyev. A non-procurement agreement has been registered by LFP for this player. Not surprisingly, "the official document gives no compensation or benefits to the player and his parents," said media Party.

solicited par The website reacted to the club on this system of bonuses granted for the recruitment of a youth: "For some of these young players very promising, we sign with the parents an agreement according to which the club agrees to respect a training plan including teaching, medical supervision and a number of benefits for their son with the opportunity to sign a future contract covered by the Professional Football Charter. "However, these methods have been condemned by Paris SG. An executive from the Parisian club, quoted by the investigation site, develops "unfair practices".

An opaque remuneration to the agents

media Party are also interested in the funds the club uses to pay agents who have managed to convince parents to transfer their child to the training center. However, it is forbidden to receive commissions on minors. Here the leaders do not miss the imagination to bypass the law. Several systems would then be used: compensation for an exploration mission disguised but considered to be "very risky" internally because "in France is increasingly complicated." Another way would be to replace the agent by withdrawing the commission on another future transfer or asking the player to pay the agent himself later with a sum that AS Monaco has previously paid him.

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