Monday , August 8 2022

This ban raging prosecutor for Miss France 2019


Being Miss France, you can learn that. This is all interest in the month before the competition, including the preparatory tour taking place this year in Mauritius. Punctuality, elegance, good spirit: everything is examined. And girls are also asked to leave their phones in their rooms. A victim of size!

Unanimously, the thirty young ladies representing the regions of France and the DOM-TOM are united with this decision by the French franc organization: " It is true that it would not be advisable to stay the nose screwed on our screens! Says Miss Picardie "And then we use the landscape, sublime and every moment"Miss Pays de la Loire adds. For these girls, who are between 18 and 24 years old, and also acknowledge that they are of a "connected generation", it is still a difficult habit to take. Especially because they acknowledge in cows that they are frustrated not being able to photograph and immortalize every moment of this amazing journey.

" We do not confiscate phones "Reassures Olivier Noël, responsible for the smooth operation of the business and to "monitor" this campaign in 2019. "We ask them to keep it in their room. It's just for to make them used to be Miss France. The one who will be elected when she will work when she will perform rarely will have her phone with her. " In addition, the tradition that the missed chose retrieves the phone number to the one that preceded. Ironically, they fill their phones!

The chaperone provides caution: At rest, in the evening or during breaks, they can use their devices. " Miss can go with her loved ones if they wish. They have the right to make "stories" for their social networks – by respecting the rule of not filming their girlfriends at their expense – or taking pictures without revealing anything about the program we prepare, of course ".

It has never happened at the moment that these rules are obscured. "But We sometimes "confiscate" phones which hung or hung over a pocket. Frankly, in a photo it's not very elegant. In this case, we will keep it until the evening, "adds Olivier, franc. A rather pragmatic way of executing orders.

The goal is to help them hang out with each other. In addition, they are also invited to be mixed during different meals, lunches or dinners. Do not always sit at the same table, in the same place, with the same neighbors. Because Miss France does not always choose (even rarely!) Its neighbors table. What they learn is first to have a sense of sacrifice …

Photo credits: ⓒ Laurent Vu / SIPA

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