Friday , August 12 2022

The fire at the Figeac station interferes with the railway traffic in Occitan


With a the station destroyed by the flames Thursday, November 22, and the railways were also injured, as the SNCF must Cancel all trains which goes through Figeac until further notice. She set up a coach to replace each TER.

The situation is problematic because Figeac is the center of a regional network. Its station is therefore the crossroads of a number of TERs. consequence: Figeac-Brive train Figeac-Rodez and Figeac-Aurillac Canceled until further notice. The night train from Paris is also deleted at least until Monday, November 26th.

In order not to block their passengers, SNCF made available coach replacing all TER passing through Figeac. For those who have already purchased a TER ticket, it is also exceptionally valid to take the bus. With respect to national roads, You must go to SNCF's website to discover the options offered. SNCF also recommends going to one of the stations around Figeac, Capdenac 7 km south, or trains leaving Rodez and Toulouse.

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