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Test Match – Yoann Maestri (France): "I can not wait to hear that we are not far away" – Test Match 2018 – Rugby

Rugby frame: Your captain Guilhem Guirado talked about a broken wardrobe …

Yoann Maestri: Yes, we are very disappointed, shot down. We do not come there, it seems we do not want to win … After shrinking 5 meters from the line at the end we made it as if we were behind the point. We do everything to win punishment. God knows if we had trouble in melee but on that we dominate. We have to take it out because we go to the side even if we move forward … But it's not where we lose this game. At one point we are fourteen points ready, and then it's down to 7, 4 … we're lucky Kolbe affects a test action. And at last we lose.

This defeat on the lack of control management has no taste of the Déjà vu for XV in France?

Y.M .: This has happened for years, there have been many precedents. There we lacked the precision thirty seconds from the end, with a scrum near their goal, we must be able to kill the match as we know how to do with our respective clubs. It smelled good for us and in the end … it's a familiar fate. With the elders, we've experienced matches like this, compared to Ireland in the latest tournament, where you think you win and victory finally loses you for lack of control. It's not just the last action. They scored too easily. We, we had to double our efforts to score and they, they feed on four nonsense and they win at the end. But we say that for years and unfortunately we are in place.

Test Match - Mathieu Babillot, Teddy Thomas, Camille Chat, Antoine Dupont and Wenceslas Lauret (France) disillusioned by the defeat of Blues against South Africa

Test Match – Mathieu Babillot, Teddy Thomas, Camille Chat, Antoine Dupont and Wenceslas Lauret (France) disillusioned by the defeat of Blues against South AfricaIcon Sports

Is not it exciting to have spent so much energy to score your points and to have made so many gifts for Springbok?

Y.M .: This sets a good team beyond a team that doubts and is not on the level today. When you see all that costs us to score, when almost nothing is obvious. We have all seen that these South Africans move English, which themselves touched the New Zealands and on the bus, before the game, I do not hide what we said: "Must be very strong." In the end, we make efforts, positive things, but it does not work … What do you say? We, the eldest, we continue to hang on and hope that the youngest, at one time, feels and wins games.

" We think we are black, we will never win these games"

What did you think of the final whistle?

Y.M .: We think we are black, we will never win these games. I can no longer hear that we are not far enough that it is encouraging. I feel we are tattooed on it. Now there are two options. Either we say, "It's good, I'm tired, I'm giving up" or we show ourselves self-sufficient but it's very difficult. I saw Guilhem very depressed and moved. It was all the more difficult for him because he was no longer on the field and he certainly said at one point that it felt good.

Do you still refrain from the positive in the match?

Y.M .: Yes, the energy and self-denial that we have been able to put at times, the fact that we are not physically affected by these South Africans, as may have already been the case. But it's too weak! This is the smallest when you wear this shirt, as we have already done in previous years but it is not enough at this level. In New Zealand, although the All Blacks are much stronger than us, we managed to crush them halfway before we handed in. There we gave up later, but we still gave us an accident.

Test Match - Yoann Maestri (France) against South Africa

Test Match – Yoann Maestri (France) against South AfricaIcon Sports

Argentina is not the easiest opponent to restart the machine …

Y.M: Honestly, we must be done, we can not show a lack of humility towards anyone. We saw last year, where we draw against Japan (23-23). So next Saturday we will try to do as South Africans, namely to do everything to be ahead of the score and this time, keep this lead.

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