Saturday , January 16 2021

Tariq Ramadan is released on the castle

The Swiss Islamist, suspected of raping two women, reiterated his virginity on Thursday before the Paris Complaints Board. He was released on the castle.

The district court's appeal court on Thursday ordered the release under the supervision of Tariq Ramadan, who has been detained since his 2 February accusation for rape as he is challenging, his lawyer said. Emmanuel Marsigny to AFP. The release of the Swiss Islamist 56 years is subject to payment of a deposit of 300,000 euros. Tariq Ramadan, who has to abandon his Swiss passport, is forbidden to leave the territory, to contact the complainants and some witnesses. He has to go to the police station once a week.

Tariq Ramadan, accused of suspicion of raping two women, claims high Thursday's innocence before the Paris Court of Appeal to rule on his possible release during his first public appearance since his prison. "Where would I go? While everything goes against my virginity […] I will stay in France and defend my honor and my virginity ", he said from the box to try to convince the chamber in the instruction to give his fourth application for release.

"I spent only ten months in prison, I'm innocent"

This had been rejected last week by judges who feared in particular "Press Risks" The two women whose complaints began in fall 2017 resulted in double accusation of Tariq Ramadan on February 2. The defense appealed against the rejection of this request, filed in the wake of a rehearing where Tariq Ramadan had intercourse "Certainly" with their prosecutors. After a year of denial, the revelation of unique SMS exchange had forced him to change his version.

Dressed in a red polar, glasses, light beard, the Muslim intellectuals spoke Thursday with energy for about twenty minutes during the hearing that lasted 1:30. The court had accepted the request for defense of Do not order the camera, but almost systematically in Paris. "I would like you to decide in your soul in conscience, not because I am Tariq Ramadan and have been demonized in this country"he told the judges. "I want to be deceived to lie to protect my family, my daughter who is in the room. But who lied most? Who took advantage of the # MeToo movement?"defended Tariq Ramadan and accused his prosecutors of spreading in the media.

In turn, the defense lawyers and the two plaintiffs referred the allegations of threats to the protagonists of the case and their follow-up. "I spent only ten months in prison, I'm innocent, I pay for my health, I can not go normally", asked Tariq Ramadan, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. Reload on "Risk of pressure on complainants and witnesses"The prosecutor had requested that the application be rejected.

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