Saturday , September 25 2021

PSG: Rabiot, Verratti, Mercato … Laurent Blanc gets loose at the club and his personal situation

Laurent Blanc, the former PSG coach, returned to France's football columns on his personal situation and in the Paris club.

Without a club for more than two years now, Laurent Blanc seems to be struggling to find a new challenge after leaving PSG. In the columns of France football, World Champion 98 acknowledges that he may have made the mistake of wanting to cut some time, what he seems to pay today. " I had not planned to stay for a long time without a club. Nothing is predictable in this activity (…) I realize that doing three years in a big club, and even in a club that is concise, is a sacred achievement at present (…) Today I say that I may have had to go back immediately. I had offers at beautiful clubs (…) Train, it's a pleasure for me! (…) PSG, it affects you! I thought that one or two years of rest would give me the energy needed to face a big challenge. I may have lacked clarity in my situation at that time (…) I'm waiting for a good project, with a club with ambition. "

In addition, it has so far been very discreet about PSG expressed length of the subject. Particularly in the pursuit of the Champions League, where the finding of White is quite difficult. " He does not realize the dimension of top European level. It is nice to say that we are in the top 8 years of 2016 but the competition is also going. There are big European clubs in front, for the top 30, forty, fifty years and having great strength in Paris: club culture, experience, influence … These are things that are built in the long term and can not be bought (.. .) Victory is not programmed. This is also the charm of football. "

Finally, the former Paris coach does not beat the development of two players he already had under his command: Adrien Rabiot and Marci Verratti, resulting in a clear disappointment at home. " Their development is not what I expected. These are two players that develop in the midfield and this is Paris, for some time, have limits, not to say problems. Adrien, everything is unfortunately not clear at home. This boy has everything to succeed. For now he no longer has the route he should have when he has everything. But I may be misplaced to judge him. I love him so much. (…) Verratti has not changed in the game for two or three years. "

Julien Pédebos

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