Saturday , July 2 2022

Orelsan announces the release of 11 untouched tracks before the weekend


Orelsan – Basic – Youtube screenshot


12/11/18 12h56

Epilogue of The party is over has finally come after more than a year of adventure.

The party is finally over. To announce the culmination of this adventure-certified diamond record, Orelsan has revealed a video announcing the release of 11 unresolved tracks, Thursday at midnight:

"I add an epilog until the party is over"

By way of illustration: a ninja whose head is hidden by multicolored balloons. Maybe the party is elsewhere? See you on Thursday to find out.

A revival in the rapper's career

First solo album of 6 years, The party is over had sounded like Orelsan, or rebirth, as the crowd was used to. Certainly, the album addressed themes specific to the Norman rapper, such as contagious melancholy by a rapist of 35 years, not yet determined to age. But he had agreed to simplify his writing to reach a more global audience. basic, an award winning clip that opened the festivities had perfectly embodied this new state of mind. The party is over had also been a rediscovering disc, where Orelsan had gone out of his comfort zone and delivered himself with intimate tracks like Paradise.

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