Friday , August 19 2022

Marie-Christine beats a world record


Friday dinner, which exceeds 192 victories of Christian Quesada in 12 dots at noon At TF1, this mother of 48 has become the biggest winner of a game show in France but also the World Sun.

Where will Marie-Christine stay? This is an issue that the believers are watching Everyone wants to take their place on France 2 must land. This Friday afternoon, a total of 193 wins, the 48-year-old candidate has become the greatest champion in a game show in France in the time. A record of longevity held by Christian Quesada, candidate for the contestant show, 12 dots at noon . Between 4 July 2016 and 14 January 2017 at TF1, the latter had reached 192 wins. On the side of the pot it can count on 194,100 euros cumulated so far.

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A French record but also a world record. Marie-Christine is the solo candidate with the most wins. At the global level, only the Spaniards have done better than Marie-Christine, in ¡Boom! at Antena 3 accumulates in early October with more than 320 shares and 1.6 million euros of profits. Only difference with Marie-Christine: "Los lobos" played at four and went into Guiness Book. On September 29, the 48-year-old woman had already broken the record of winnings and wins in the daily game presented by Nagui so far as Julien held.

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"It's actually no more than that. The important thing for me is to show that a woman can come first in an eve", responded to this twinning in the columns about Tele-Loisirs. His goal today? "Why not try to earn 200,000 euros in profit," she added, but it was not time to resign. "I'm very playful. No matter to intentionally lose, I'm really enjoying it." With more than 190,000 euros already accumulated, she intends to repay a mortgage and place money for her children. "It is calm. I'm no longer afraid of the future," she concluded in this interview.

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