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Macron creates controversy by justifying tribute to Petain


POLITICAL SCANNING – On the fourth day of his memorial roaming, the president broke the critics of the ceremony dedicated to military leaders who will take place on Saturday at Invalides. According to him, Pétain was "a great soldier in the first world war", even though he "suffered fatal elections" thereafter.

From our special correspondent in Charleville-Mézières (Ardennes)

"I've always looked at our country's history in my face." Emmanuel Macron, traveling to Charleville-Mézières (Ardennes) for the fourth day of his "memorial roaming", declared a tribute to paying to military leaders, including Marshal Pétain, Saturday to Invalides. "It is quite legitimate that we owe the marshals, which (they) also led the army to victory. And this tribute will be paid, as it is in addition to each year by the French Army," first emphasized the president.

While he will be in Compiegne (Oise) on Saturday, the ceremony today, Emmanuel Macron confirmed that he would be represented at Les Invalides by his special chief of staff. "I do not make any short clips, but I do not hide any story." And Marshal Pétain was also a great soldier during World War I. There is a reality in our country, he says. He then resumed an argument that dear to him motivate this edition and explain that "political life, like human nature, is sometimes more complicated than we would like to believe."

"I always oppose the French defeat"

Gaullist convinced and claimed that Emmanuel Macron confirmed that "one might have been a great warrior during World War I and led to mortal elections under the other." "My role is not to understand that it's shocking or commenting on people, my role is trying to explain and convey convictions," he defended. "I recognize the part played by Marshals and our army played in the French victory," he added, as several voices rose to criticize the small military dimension of the army's hundred-year herds.

"We celebrate the millennium. Victory Centenary." And peace. The war of a fighting nation – that's why I wanted the hair and "14" to return to the Pantheon. But it's also a French Army and its Marshals victory. celebrate them and let the French army do it, he says. Before concluding: "I always oppose French defeat when it could exist or satisfy with any ideology. You can not blame me for being ambiguous at this point, I've always been absolute in this fight.

François Hollande is upset

Emmanuel Macron's tribute to Petain's military action during the First World War provoked several delightful reactions. Begin with it by former President François Hollande: "History does not isolate a stage, even brilliant of a military career. It regards the enormous and invaluable responsibility of a Marshal who deliberately covered its name and prestige, betrayal, cooperation and expulsion of thousands of Jews in France, "he said on Twitter.

Earlier this day, the president of Crif Francis Kalifat also had the idiomed Emmanuel Macron's position: "All I want to remember from Pétain is that he was struck by national indignity in 1945, making him incompatible for any tribute," he commented, even on Twitter.

On the left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Benoît Hamon immediately condemned Emmanuel Macron's remarks.

"Emmanuel Macron's will to celebrate Petain at Invalides is an insult to the memory of our French heroes, citizens, resistance and military, to the Jewish families deported from World War II," for his part, PS MP Luc Carvounas responded.

Griveaux defends the shelf and then draws in

The government spokesman, Benjamin Griveaux, first condemned a "bad polemic", and did not call for "dubious shortcuts". Before the quote of General de Gaulle at Petain is quoted that "His honor in Verdun can not be challenged or ignored by the Father." In the National Assembly, and without quoting Philippe Pétain, Edouard Philippe spoke of the "difficult, paradoxical exercise" of "thinking at the same time of those who were brilliant and of those who did not live up to the efforts of history." Later, Benjamin Grievaux responded by sending a text on Facebook and assuring that "no tribute will be paid to Petain Saturday, […], suffered from national indignity to co-operate with Nazi barbarians in a nasty and criminal manner. "

At the end of the day, Emmanuel Macron took the floor to motivate his comments. "Marshal Petain, when he led France during World War II, participated in deep crimes as recognized, and the French state acknowledged. I said that, I was very clear at this point. (…) I forgive nothing but I take do not remove anything from our history, "said the head of state in Aisne.

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