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LIVE – "Yellow West": a "preventable" crisis, but "I have not heard," says Hulot


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"Yellow vests", nuclear weapons, coal taxes … Find all topics discussed under "Political question" at Figaro.fr.

Nicolas Hulot: "The time of Utopia is determined"

Nicolas Hulot calls for "the political world to reconnect with civil society". "At the moment when we should be most open to change, this is where we are most conservative. I insult myself." Utopia's time is determined, "insists the former minister, who convinced 65% of viewers' viewers.

Nicolas Hulot does not exclude appearing on a list of elections to the European Parliament

According to a survey for the show, 58% of viewers Nicolas Hulot wants to compile a list for the 2019 election in Europe. "This is an important deadline," confirms the former minister, hoping that a European feeling will be reformed. He also hopes that there will be unified lists and that he intends to support various initiatives. On the other hand, he says he does not support specific lists.
"We need new blood, but I want initiatives to emerge," continues the former minister, who says he does not intend to invest politically in the campaign for Europeans.

Nicolas Hulot: "It annoyed me to be the minister"

The former minister of ecological and solidarity transition is confronted by some tweets of dissatisfied people published during the show. "It's despair, anger, bitterness, lack of understanding. When you say I'm leaving, cowardice is very harmful." If people perceive it so well, the cowardice would continue to be in the government. I tried while it bothered me to be the minister It has been 30 years since I sacrificed my life. Sometimes I sleep very well, but I hide reality. Everyone lives. "Climate reality, it does not seem to prevent everyone from sleeping, Nicolas Hulot.

Actress Juliette Binoche on stage to talk to Nicolas Hulot

Actress Juliette Binoche, who signs a stand in world On the climate came on the plateau. For her, the minister's departure was a "detonator". "We have the feeling that he was alone in the government," said the actress, who says he is "no longer alone today". "It's time to anticipate and we must do it as a citizen," continues the actress. "If we do not share with Matignon, with Bercy, the same opinion … It's complicated," says Nicolas Hulot. He adds: "And I said it's not because I have opinions that I'm going to make the revolution," says the former minister. "Ecology is not a concern for bobo but it's a duty to target," hammered Nicolas Hulot. "What's scary, it imparts an energy …" Juliette Binoche asks Nicolas Hulot to continue his action.

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Nicolas Hulot: "Work, You Must Liberate It"

The former Ushuaia presenter was interviewed by Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, President of Medef. "When we produce quality standards in France, unless we are competitive, we import imported products from other countries. Our role is to advocate for these standards to be world standards." I am in favor of coal taxes. "In addition, we need to make a tax cut," he asks. .

"The majority of tax breaks are penalizing work," says Hulot. "Work, you have to let it go. If we take out the ecological tax, we must greatly relieve labor taxes," he adds. The former minister, however, opposes the decline: "This would be the consequence of a total failure," he said. Beneficial to "growth and selective decline", former lecturer said that if we need to develop "batteries, hydrogen fuel cells," we need to "program the results of fossil energies". According to him, the good alternative is the "circular economy".

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On glyphosate, "we must allow our agencies to provide alternatives," says Hulot

It is time for a big debate with three guests. Among them, Céline Imart, a farmer who has a grain reception in Tarn. She talks with the former minister of glyphosate and what tools will be to ban it. She adds that a ban within three years seems irrational. "It takes three principles for the transition," replies Nicolas Hulot. "To get there we need to give our agencies ways to bring options," said Nicolas Hulot. "We must not centralize everything on glyphosate," said Nicolas Hulot, who firstly recommends reducing the use of this pesticide. "I say to the government" put the funds so that these people are not blind, "says Nicolas Hulot.

Nicolas Hulot: "We are in a very tired democracy"

What should the former minister do now? "I put myself on the side of volunteers," says Hulot. What about 2022? "Not a second," insists the former minister. "Every day we spend is crucial. We need a moment of illusion every five years, then we fall back to earth," he said.

"The world has never been in such a crossroads of complexity, it challenges a model, we are a little convinced, we are in a very tired democracy. We need to bring citizens closer to the political decision." Ensure citizens. "Our democracies are not adapted to time, "he adds.

In 2022 Hulot avoids: "It's a fantasy of journalists"

During an excerpt that was recorded in Chamonix, Nicolas Hulot talks about his performance and, in particular, the transfer of power and tears during this event. "They have a double meaning", Nicolas Hulot, who speaks of "pressure that comes down" but also the feeling of seeing all the staff in his favor in front of him.

On possible "disappointed" his departure, Nicolas Hulot said that he thinks they "understood" his decision. "Many asked me," what can we do together now, "says the former minister, who says he is surprised to have received so many letters. At the presidential elections in 2022, Nicolas Hulot avoids" it's a fantasy of journalists " losing the former host Ushuaia.

In the extract, the journalist Thomas Sotto and Nicolas Hulot discover a glacier that has significantly reduced global warming. "Of course, it's scary," says Hulot.

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Nicolas Hulot: "We must go on renewable energy"

The former minister for ecological transition and solidarity is questioned about the French nuclear fleet. Is there a risk of disaster? "The older a park is, it's clear …", he says. "With global warming, we will have a water problem." How to cool the reactors? "I have major reservations about nuclear power because we can not handle the situation, whether it's in Fukushima, Bure or Chernobyl," he said.

As for the possibility of new EPR before 2035, Hulot assures that "one can not run two hares at a time". "You have to go all the way to renewable energy," he says.

At the core, Hulot advocates the closure of six reactors before 2028

On the nuclear issue, Thomas Sotto calls on EPP, the "Multiannual Energy Program", which will take place in a few days. 50% of nuclear power would not be questioned, according to the former minister, and this, from 2035. For Nicolas Hulot, it is "good" provided there is a timetable. He explained that there would be six reactor clutches before 2028, among them the two from Fessenheim.
"We have to put the package on energy efficiency," insists the former minister. "To save humanity and the planet, you need to spend money to save in the long run," urges the former presenter, comparing the current situation with the 2008 economic crisis.

" From Ushuaia to the President, the slow transformation of Hulot

Hulot: "We should have Mandela everywhere, we have Trump, Bolsonaro"

Following a short video that brings Bolsonaro to power, Nicolas Hulot explains: "At the moment when we should have Mandela everywhere, we have Trump, Bolsonaro." "We are looking for the good news. Either there is a form of denial, a climate conceptualism or climate phenomena. A fatalism of human beings will feed others' fanatism," he says. "We need a Marshall plan," states the former minister.

" In tears, Hulot says his departure "is not a departure movement"

Comments from Le Figaro journalists

On the multiplication of pathologies, Nicolas Hulot asks everyone to take "his responsibility"

Nicolas Hulot stops in children born without arms in Ain. For the former minister, it is important to use the precautionary principle, especially on health issues. "All doctors explain that there is a multiplication of pathologies, it is necessary that our agencies accept solutions to answer them," he explains. "We've never used pesticides so much, and we're not guilty of anyone," said the former Ecologist Minister, insisting on the need for clear and focused answers.

Kolskatt: "I opposed budget reasons, I learned lessons from it," Hulot claims.

The former minister of ecological transition and solidarity asks about the benefits of his departure: "We must look at the future. Let's remain worried and mobilized on these topics by the end of the month. But on the other side there is a topic that is the end of the world. a peaceful world. We must decide to take control of our destiny. We adapt to gravity, says Nicolas Hulot.

Ecology, big losers of the debate about "yellow vests"? "I would have done well this confrontation between ecology and social. This crisis was preventable," says the former minister.

Nicolas Hulot returns to the implementation of the coal tax, for which he would have preferred better social support. "I was struggling for a shift in the social transition social transition. I learned about budget reasons, I learned some lessons. When the growth of the carbon lane generates 15 billion and we could not put 10% for social support, it probably contributed to my termination. I did not convince, I note.

What did Nicolas Hulot do for fifteen months in the government?
How Emmanuel Macron missed the implementation of the increase in coal taxes

The "tax-type", the real battle according to Nicolas Hulot

Interpelled by Benoit Julou, spokesman for St-Brieuc's "yellow vests" about prices and living costs, Nicolas Hulot said that we should not put everything on the back of the ecology. "We must fight the taxpayer" advises the former minister. Bruno Julou talks again saying that people "will die on the path of ecology". For the former minister, the current tension does not allow a peaceful dialogue.

Nicolas Hulot: "It is absolutely necessary"

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The former minister of ecological transition and solidarity is challenged by Benoit Julou, spokesman for St-Brieuc's "yellow vests". According to him, Nicolas Hulot has become a "humorist", a "big joke". "Come back to reality," he claims. "I have no doubt about the reason for this anger. The coal tax, the increase in the price of fuel, was the straw that broke the back of the camel. Everyone is owner of a part of reality," said the former government.

"Your reality, your problems at the end of the month, I obviously have a cruel conscience. It is necessary to ask economic operators to free themselves from non-organic solutions. It is imperative. If you increase the price, you must allow people to reduce Consumption. I can see this France, where parishes and provinces are against, "adds Hulot.

Poll: more and more French support the movement of "yellow vests"

"We have to leave fossil energies," insists Nicolas Hulot

On the question of coal taxes, Nicolas Hulot says that we must "come from fossil fuels". "People who have been caught, who have bought diesel-powered vehicles in urban areas, need targeted solutions," says the former minister.

"We have to keep track of the carbon dioxide tax," says Nicolas Hulot, who would like to increase the mileage payment for example. "Ecology and its consequences, it's the weakest one who suffers," says Nicolas Hulot, referring to the many floods that hit the territory this summer. "We have to give more to those who have less," says the former minister.

"Yellow West": a "disclosure of a straight-bowl" movement, according to Hulot

As for the movement of "yellow vests", "it is an indication of a sluggish treasure," Hulot said. "People know that the plane photos are not taxed. There is no need to be a" yellow west to be furious, insulted, "he says." Solidarity today is no longer an option. Taxation is not fair. I understand that the middle class can no longer hear tax increases, "adds the former minister who also warns of" the end of the world ".

> To look at: Marie Visot: "The feeling of downgrade is because of the" yellow wests "

Nicolas Hulot says "assumes" the implementation of coal taxes

The former minister for ecological transition and solidarity is now questioned about current issues. In Poland, the news about "yellow vests", which has demonstrated since last Saturday against taxation. Nicolas Hulot says "assumes" the implementation of coal taxes, which he supported. "Budgetary constraints have not convinced the government to increase this social support. It is important to organize a reflection on the allocation of the recipe for ecological taxation." We need social support to host the name, "he says." You must not go back to the carbon lane. The conversion bonus, we must move on by focus. I bought an electric car, I was entitled to a bonus. It is not normal.

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Earlier minister says he does not "regret" his departure

"No, I have not regretted," said Nicolas Hulot about his departure. He explains, however, hesitating before trading. He claims that he felt that this decision was accepted and especially that it had a real "impact". "It was a sadness," says the former minister.
"The problem is not impatience, but I really realize it's urgent and I found out we were not up to the effort," says Nicolas Hulot, who regrets that there has been no greater "awareness" from politicians and government.

Nicolas Hulot's departure? "It came out alone," says the former minister

In an interview recorded on the largest French glacier, the Arctic Ocean in Chamonix assures, with journalist Thomas Sotto, Nicolas Hulot that he had not prepared his departure. "I supposed this hypothesis this evening. This show was made to comment on what happened in the summer. I had even prepared some language elements on topics that I did not know. Honestly, I did not know where it would lead me. It came out alone From the moment I stopped, I explained things. We do not live up to the efforts. I was sorry but free, "he said.

"I'm fine," said Nicolas Hulot, from the beginning of "Emission Police"

On a personal note, Nicolas Hulot says "he feels good". "It was a form of denial and I gave me a little parenthesis, I could enjoy my family," says the former minister. "People tell me they understood my termination and that they accepted it," says Nicolas Hulot. He says he has received many letters that have made him "very good".

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The show begins

It's gone for the "L" Emission Police ", with Nicolas Hulot.

Hulot: "If I had to recreate children today, I would ask myself ten times more questions"

In an excerpt shot in Chamonix and sent before the show, Nicolas Hulot measures the extent of global warming in front of a glacier. He then throws to Thomas Sotto: "If I had to recreate children today, I would ask myself ten times more questions".

Nicolas Hulot: Discover behind the scenes of his return

Le Figaro tells the last three months of the starologist, silently since he was interrupted by the government on 28 August. Our article is read by clicking here.

Macron Hulot: two different visions of ecology

With Emmanuel Macron, "we did not have the same diagnosis of the state of the planet and the threat to humanity. So from the moment we do not have the same diagnosis, we do not offer the same treatment, explains Nicolas Hulot in an excerpt published on Franceinfo. The former minister and the president had several disagreements. The Hulot must swallow decisions that contradict his convictions. In particular, it is necessary to approve the postponement of the goal of reducing the share of nuclear power in electricity generation to 50% by 2025. However, some symbolic wins have been achieved, such as the transition to the Notre-Dame Airport project. des-Landes.


After departure from Hulot, ten Macron compounds call a "jump" for the planet

Nicolas Hulot again becomes the French French political personality

Since his retirement, Nicolas Hulot is again the political personality that most sympathizes (45%), according to a dissertation from Odoxa, Tuesday. According to this survey conducted for France Inter, L & # 39; Express and Regional Press, the former Ecological Transition Minister will be at the forefront, while Emmanuel Macron is 32 percent of Positive Opinions and 36 percent for Édouard Philippe. But almost half of French (46%) investigators believe that Nicolas Hulot should have publicly supported the taxation of petroleum products.

And if Nicolas Hulot's only victory really was it … Philippe de Villiers?

Nicolas Hulot is not there to "solve his accounts"

Why is Nicolas Hulot back on Thursday night? "He comes back to talk about ecology, this ecological and solidarity transition, problems, solutions," says one of his relatives, LREM MP Matthieu Orphelin. The former minister is not there to "solve his accounts", but he warned. "He wants to be helpful, to promote the cause and there are a thousand ways to do that," he said, welcoming the return to the public debate on a "voice of ecology".

"Nicolas Hulot burns to express himself on the" Yellow Wests, "says Léa Salamé au Figaro

According to the journalist, it is "timing" that convinced Nicolas Hulot. "Fifteen days before COP 24, the length of the show, with the time to express his ideas and the fact that it would be a useful program, where he will have time to return to the reasons for his departure and on this he advocates to example when he says it takes a real revolution … ", which everyone has driven him to participate in" Political Emissions, "explains Lea Salamé.

"We will make him respond to the" Yellow Wests ", it is burning to express themselves in this subject," the journalist said. She adds: "But also on the increase in taxation on diesel. He told me he would talk about everything without any conditions. He is not happy to say that he is quiet but the deal was that he did not speak before his passage in" L'Émission politique ".

" Léa Salamé: "Nicolas Hulot burns to express himself on the" Yellow Wests "»

Nicolas Hulot will utilize his experience as a minister

The ecologist will be back tonight in his year as minister, during interviews conducted by journalist Thomas Sotto during a trip to the foot of the largest French glacier, Issjön, in Chamonix. The exhibition also gives a sequence of a surprising guest, said editor-in-chief Alix Bouilhaguet. "We wanted to start a somewhat original invitation that looks less like the political emission in the first sentence of the word, but it will be nice to listen and watch," she said.

Nicolas Hulot to the government: fifteen months of pain

The program in the evening

Thursday night on France 2, Nicolas Hulot will talk for more than an hour and discuss especially with philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, director of Medef Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux and a farmer. He will also be challenged by a "yellow west". "It will be a dialogue," announced Léa Salamé, the presenter of the show.

The journalist had received the announcement of the minister's resignation on August 28, staying at France Inter. An announcement is made without warning, either the president or the prime minister. The former government's member then said he was "independent" on environmental issues in the government. Since then, the former TV host who said he was keen to do nothing "to hurt this government", very discreetly and denying just preparing a box release.

" The political broadcast: Léa Salamé will get a Nicolas Hulot "not at all depressed"

Good evening and welcome to this live

Welcome to this live. Tonight at. 21, Nicolas Hulot is invited to "Emission Polititique" on France 2. The former Minister of Ecological Transition and Solidarity will speak three months after his surprise departure from the government, in full crisis of "vests yellow." Follow his living intervention.

Nicolas Hulot: The bottom of a return

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