Tuesday , August 16 2022

Hulot wants a "social accompaniment worth the name"


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He is finally out of silence. Three months almost the day after his surprise departure from the government, Nicolas Hulot returned in the public debate on Thursday night. Dressed in his traditional white scarf Mao shirt, the former minister of ecological and solidarity has responded to the question of "The Political Question" in France 2 for more than one and a half hours. While the government faces the biggest crisis in the quarter with the movement of "yellow vests", the ecologist refused to "enter the controversy". "What interests me is not what we did not yesterday but what we can do together tomorrow," he said.

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But the government's former number 3 failed to criticize certain elections by the CEO. And especially within the taxation area. "Contrary not to ecology and social. This is a fake debate, he says, saying he would" combine the problem at the end of the month with the end of the world. "" Ecology is not a consideration of the rich, it is a realm for the rich, "he added, arguing that investment costs related to the energy transition out of the Maastricht criteria." Solidarity today is no longer an option. If I called my "Ecological transition and solidarity" service, it was not just a letter effect on the pediment. The transition can only be supportive, he continued.

The crisis of yellow vests was "avoidable"

To believe that "solidarity does not work in a world where (…) the Financial Supervisory Authority monopolizes most goods," denounced the former priest of Ushuaia that it was easy to state the removal of ISF as the mother of all the wicked. "We must not put back on the carbon lane (but) we need social support that hosts the name," he said, saying that the current tax is not "fair".

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Convinced that "there is no need to have a yellow west or to the far left of the political spectrum" in order to hold such a speech, he urged the executive to "direct and follow the" people who have been trapped and deadly " . "This crisis (" yellow vests ") could be avoided," he finally concluded and regretted that he had not been heard in time by Emmanuel Macron and Édouard Philippe. "I struggled, especially the weeks before I left, for a full scale change social support for energy and ecological transition, with concrete proposals. (…) I opposed the budget, I learned the lessons, he said.

After confirming that he had not regretted leaving the government, Nicolas Hulot assured that his resignation did not mean "the end of his involvement". He then swept away the rumors that would lend him the president's ambitions in 2022, turned into the rank of "fantasy journalist" he would not think "a second." Idem about Europeans next May, where he would not consider becoming a candidate … Do not even support any list. "I will keep available, but not in the conventional policy area," he concluded, promising to "submit proposals on the table in open source".

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