Thursday , July 29 2021

Estate of Valls in Essonne: a first trip under excitement

While voters in Essonne are called to go to the polls on Sunday, November 18th for the first round of the legislative act, Jean-Luc Mélenchon called on his constituents to mobilize. The undecided French president has asked his supporters to "send reinforcement" to the National Assembly by choosing the candidate LFI Farida Amrani. "This 18th MEP does not think it's just a head of character. We need it." If you want France insubordinate to work properly, we need to send us reinforcements! It's your job! He said at a meeting in support of Corbeil-Essonnes.

For Bouches-du-Rhône Parliament, the election of Farida Amrani, 42, should be "a national political event". "Those who thought it was enough to overwhelm me, to seek me to humiliate me […] Surprisingly, you have not denied that you have not opened the wires, you have not let the speaker go over, on the contrary, "he added.

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Searches were conducted in mid-October at the head office of insubordinated France and Jean-Luc Mélenchon's home in connection with investigations of the accounts of his presidential campaign and the terms of employment of assistants from members, now the task of investigating judges. The former presidential candidate also returned to the election of Manuel Valls in June 2017: "Unlike our inalienable naivety, the last time, judges and delegates will be in all offices, we will use some judges who work with us and lawyers ", detailed.

Eleven candidates

"This time there will be no pencil signatures found in the pen. This time you will not agree or it will cost you. Not only for those who organize cheating, but for those who let it go out in front of them without say something. […] It is necessary that the strictness, transparency, honesty of the vote is total because it is only this condition that we will be able to protect our democracy, "he added.

Following his brief defeat to Manuel Valls, Farida Amrani and his deputy Ulysse Rabaté, in October, he had filed a complaint calling for "irregularities" committed during the vote. The complaint was dismissed a few months later by the courts. Eleven candidates will run for Manuel Valls, who has resigned to run for mayor in Barcelona during this reel, with two rounds scheduled November 18-25.

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