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Comment on the risks of osteoporosis

In France, about 400,000 people are hospitalized for fractures in an osteoporosis case. There are 3 millions of fives plus 50 people who are concerned with pathology. Certain maladies associated with the diminution of the density of the us and the modifications of this micro-architecture: plus les passées, plus les les se fragilisent. Presently the patients tiers plus the 70s, but the case plus the youth's generalized cheeses from the females to part of the menopause. The 20th of October and the eu lieu journée international de lutte versus osteoporosis.

Comment on the risks of osteoporosis

On diagnostic generalization of osteoporosis in the apparition of the fractures of survivors in the suite of unreasonable traumatism, equivalent to plus a chute de saute hauteur and marchant. Avant ces fractures, which are douloureuses and even more difficult disabilities, the maladie is indetectable. Heureusement, y and des choses are simple to save for a victim.

Les facteurs de risque

Il y the nominal facets of augmentent risk of osteoporosis, notion of sexuality, sex, and antecedents of families. A contractor's contractor's office supplies the price of the drugs in the long term in terms of the corticoids, which are connected to depus long temps for augmentation of the risk of malady.

In September, the chancellors of Complexity Science Hub Vienna published an article about people suffering from affections in statins, utilizing a fair amount of cholesterol therapy, singing a little more for the secondary risk of osteoporosis at a dose. The Federation of Cardiology's French Federation, 20% of French people need the type of drug.

The report of the product laitiers

The osteoporosis is a malady, not the gravity and the grand influence of the fashion of the person who is an attendee. Le Dr Laurent Grande, rheumatologist and president of the Association of the French Association of Lutte Anti-Rheumatism, the decree of «a maladie pediatrician in expression geriatrics», cest-to-dire of a maladie contractor durant l'enfance qui ne exprime qu'à at your age. "It is important, however, for the debut of the croissant, the adoption of the alimentation and the mode of participation of the santé of us. »

Pour cell, in fact, the privilege of aliments rich in calcium and vitamin D, in the guarantor of the boneless development: on faithful dance with product laitiers, on the verge of food and poissons. «The principal apport and vitamin D provient de la peau. Il faut donc s'exposer beaucoup à la lumière du jour afin de maximiser l'absoption. »Limit the consumption of the café, the alcool and the aliment acides permitting the pre-server to read us.

The activity of physique is a recommendation, plus participation in sports, "a charge", which is implicit in the chic physics of avec lonement: jogging, marching, ballooning, boxing … «Your activity physique The type of permitting the development of a mass osseuse is a limit to the risk of fracture over the long term, ”confirms Dr Grange.

This tests the density osseuse

The osteoporosis is a malady of silence, as it is declared in the premature fracture, even if it is the trope for the degeneration of the general de squelette. The plus, Selon le Dr Grange, "il y the moins and moins de gens qui prennent the treatments versus maladie, but the plus and plus the hospitalizations read in cell-ci. »

It is also important to test the density of the osseuse, whether it is in the dead or in the presence of the facet of the risk of malady, or in a fracture of the manuscript: «La cascade fracture is the principal risk of osteoporosis, ”the doctor explains. "A fracture of a trainee in a vehicle, and a suite, as well as a fracture of the femur, as well as a trainee of infirmity, before a decision. »They are fair debates that allow the prendre and charge la maladie rapidement. "The treatment that exists against osteoporosis, this malady is not just a fatality" conclut-il.

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