Saturday , September 25 2021

"Christophe and Jeff have become my trust"

INTERVIEW – Monday evening on the M6, this 36-year-old woman who runs a school in southern France has left her last friend Christophe.

FIGARO. – In the last episode of Love is in the meadow , you decide to stop the adventure with Christophe after spending the weekend with him in Camargue. Why?
Aurelia. – There was no click. This is somebody good, someone I love but that was not the little thing anymore.

Christophe has tried to approach?
No. He has always been very respectful for my reserve. He understood that I had suffered and needed time. It was not the fact that our relationship would lead to a story. Christophe was patient. And at least I found a friend. I think this friendship will last.

In fact, at the end of the episode, you give him a meeting to see you again with Jeff, your other pretender on the farm. Are you still in touch today?
Yes. I had Jeff on the phone just before I went bankrupt. Christophe too. We call each other regularly, we give each other news. We lived a wonderful adventure that will remain engrossed, we all aware of.

"I'm still a bit stuck and blown today"

Love Aurelia is in the meadow

Are you not so disappointed that you have not found love?
No. There I will recover all the mail I received. Perhaps someone in a letter can fit me and adapt to my situation. I'm optimistic. We can only be. In any case, this person must be patient and understanding. I'm still a little piqued and murdered today. We do not take away our former love, we learn to live with. Relying on trusting someone and giving love is not easy, but I think so.

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What did the show take with you?
Two friends! They are paying attention to ears, trust now. They have a neutral opinion because they are external to my life. I put many things in question thanks to them. From now on, I try to ignore my past suffering.

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