Friday , June 25 2021

Abolition of services: Attendance of training staff

Paris – All training federations require a strike on Monday to terminate work reductions, a feature that can interfere with class day in schools, colleges and colleges.

Demonstrations are planned in major cities, while in Paris a procession begins at 2 pm to rally the ministry. This call for strike by all trade unions representing all staff is a first in 2011.

The budget 2019, including the national education component, will be discussed in plenary Tuesday in the National Assembly, plans to remove 2650 positions in public colleges and colleges, 550 in private, 400 in the administration. Some 1800 positions will be created at the first level, under "priority in primary"requested by the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer.

The FSU, CFDT and UNSA federations in primary and secondary schools and high schools (colleges and upper secondary schools) called for a strike in the public and private sectors to demand that these closures be terminated. .

Education federations in other federations (CGT, South, FO) have also called the movement, against labor cuts, but also against the reform of vocational education, the reform of high school and, to a greater extent, against "Division of public service public status".

Finally, the Snalc Union has joined the two platforms.

According to Stéphane Crochet, Head of SE-Unsa, the first time since 2011 is that a strike on an educational theme brings together all unions, from kindergarten to high school, in the public and private sectors.

In 2011, teachers had mobilized against a career reform and evaluation of teachers, a measure later removed after Francois Holland's victory in the presidential election.

– "School of distrust"-

The staff "do not understand"Secondary decline, given the expected population growth in middle and high school," said Catherine Nave-Bekhti, Secretary General of Sgen-CFDT.

The Ministry of Education's statistics agency, Depp, expects an increase of 40,000 students each year between 2019 and 2021.

These announced eras all pass less after the movement #PasDeVague awakened by the robbery, with a fake weapon, a high school teacher, at a Créteil facility in October, Frederique Rolet, General Secretary of Snes -FSU, added the first union in the secondary.

The number of job losses may seem small compared with the total number of education agents (about one million), but the unions expect them to be followed by further cuts.

Emmanuel Macron has said he wants to remove 50,000 positions in the public service sector by 2022. National education, which accounts for half of the workforce in this sector of public sector, can be strongly involved, "said Frédérique Rolet.

Snuipp-FSU, the first trade union in the primary, annoys "a pseudo priority"is given at first level and says that the positions created are far from covering the needs that are born of the divisions of the CP and CE1 classes in the priority education area.

More generally, the union criticizes Jean-Michel Blanquer, who givestournament"and created"a school of mistrust"against"confidence school"demanded by the minister.

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