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A murder to seize "hairpieces": the crimes except Fourniret


A murder to seize "hairpieces": the crimes except Fourniret
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This is a first for Michel Fourniret. The murderer and rapist will come from Tuesday to answer the only horrible crime attributed to him: a murder in 1988 that allowed him to grab the magic of "band hairpieces".

He appears before Yveline's court of court until Friday together with his ex-wife Monique Olivier. This time, his victim is a woman: Farida Hammiche, 30 years at the time of her disappearance.

She was the wife of a former cousin of Fourniret, robber Jean-Pierre Hellegouarch, a national party at the trial together with two sisters and a lover of the victim. Dead stringed and hit the bayonet near Clairefontaine (Yvelines), according to Fourniret's confession, his body was buried not far but was never found.

Hellegouarch and Fourniret were short cellmates in the 1980s in Fleury-Mérogis (Essonne), where he served a sentence for sexual assault at that time.

In March 1988, when Fourniret was released, Farida Hammiche contacted her at the request of her husband to help him dig a treasure buried at a Val d 'Oise cemetery. She promises him 500 000 francs for this service.

Hellegouarch, still in prison, has really heard of the location of a toolbox containing this treasure of a former cellist, an Italian who fled from prison with a member of the "hair bell" and collected his confidence.

The investigation showed that the fund had 20 kg of ingots and gold coins, part of the wealth collected by this famous criminal company specializing in robbery of banks working in Paris between 1981 and 1986.

The treasure once upgraded, Fourniret and Farida Hammiche hide at the young woman in Vitry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne). Fourniret would not have received anything in return or not enough for his taste. "Http: / /" ogre des Ardennes "therefore decides to" earn ", as he told investigator in 2005.

He attracts the young woman in a hiding place and kills her before burying her in a desert. Then he recovers the money.

Once converted, this gold lets the murderer and his wife Monique Olivier – appearing for complication and reception – buy the Sautou castle in the Ardennes and a house in Sart-Custine (Belgium), as well as two vehicles.

What remains of the change is buried in the garden of the Sart-Custine house. He will be found by the investigators.

"To mourn"

While Monique Olivier, presented under the barrier, "recognizes all the facts alleged against him" according to his lawyer Richard Delgenes, is not exactly the same for his ex-husband.

Fourniret acknowledges the murder, but says that he is innocent to the stolen, "never knew the fund's origin," said his lawyer Grégory Vavasseur, interviewed a few days before the trial.

At the hearing he assures his client, now 76 years, "that he will cooperate but within the limits of his possibilities, but for some time his memory has changed slightly and the facts are 30 years old …", the Council notes.

To the chagrin of members of the Hammiche family who could not give funeral to his loved one, for lack of body, regrets his lawyer Yolaine Bancarel-Lancien. This attempt will be special for them a way to "mourn".

"That murder finally tried" shows that "their sister was important", although, contrary to other victims, she was considered "a woman of ugly", says the lawyer.

Farida Hammiche is one of eight women whom the killer acknowledged in 2004 to have killed. He recently acknowledged two other murders of young women.

Jean-Pierre Hellegouarch, 75 years old today, also wants "we're talking about Farida", notes his lawyer Didier Seban. "He loved her intensively, he has been looking for her for years," the Council says, and regrets that "justice did not consider him an important person," but as a victim "not as innocent as the others".

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