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Addis Standard Owner Bill Seyoum Appointed as Press Secretary for PM Abiy


November 5, 2018 (GMN) – Ethiopia has a new government spokesman as on Monday with the appointment of Billene Seyoum as press secretary of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's office.

She will be assisted by another woman, such as Helen Yosef, also confirmed as deputy secretary. Both Billene & Helen have extensive experience in communication and journalism, reported the independently owned Addis standard.

The new press secretary held his first briefing for local and foreign journalists on Monday, reporting that she announced the issue of access labels for media that worked in the PM office.

Until Bill's meeting, government communication had almost been working with Abis former chief of staff, Fitsum Arega. The press secretariat is a new office under Abiy's new Chief of Staff, Shimelis Abdissa.

Former holder of the post, Arega, takes up a new post as Commissioner for Ethiopia's Investment Commission, EIC.

Fitsum Arega

✔ @ fitsumaregaa

I wanted to announce that I will move back to the Ethiopian Investment Commission – as Commissioner. I have had my time immensely as a chief of staff serving a historic prime minister who will undoubtedly transform the country for the better. #Ethiopia (State Media)

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