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We have doubled our capacity in 4 years

Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Dr Mohammed Shaker, said that the power outage issue in 2014 has been overcome by the stations in the urgent plans and the completion of power plants, which began before 2014 with a total capacity of 4250 MW. "Over the past four years, we have doubled our electricity generation capacity Electricity, which notes the efforts of the labor force in the electricity sector in this area.

This came under the minister's participation in a round table under the heading "Clean Energy at Affordable Prices", in the presence of Chairman of the Board of Arab Energy Company Khalid Abu Bakr, Regional Director of ATECIS for North Africa and the Middle East. Sherif Al Khooli, (Enara Capital) Dr. Sherif Al-Jabali.

Shaker added that the energy sector's strategy was updated until 2025 in cooperation with the European Union and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education. He pointed out that the target for renewable energy contribution is 20 percent of the network's total capacity in 2022.

He pointed to renewable energy projects by 2022, namely the public auction system, the BOO competition budget, nutrition duty and new EPC projects.

Khalid Abu Bakr pointed out that diversity in energy sources and trust in renewable energy sources are important factors in achieving the objectives of Egypt's 2030 vision in the field of energy.

"The private sector has begun in the field of electricity since 2014," said Sharif al-Jabali. "We are now competing with major international companies," he said, thanking the Ministry of Electricity for what happened in the electricity sector and eliminating the problem of power outage.

"Today, a new market for renewable energy in Egypt opens, which can grow considerably with the help of the private sector, which ultimately benefits the consumer.

Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform attended the end of this table, stressing that the power outage impacts hospitals and factories and thus affects investment in Egypt. "Today we are exporting electricity and tidal lines, which is a qualitatively displaced infrastructure in Egypt."

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