Saturday , September 18 2021

VW allows Apple users to unlock the car of Siri

VW allows Apple users to unlock the car of Siri

Volkswagen has a good relationship with Apple, which makes it very common on the CarPlay platform, but this time the relationship becomes more sophisticated. The German vending machine lets Apple users lock or unlock the car through Siri audio recording.

A Volkswagen user will be able to do this by using the VW Car-Net application, which is usually available for free use to a number of users and paid for the rest.

Of course, the application will allow the user to make Siri measure the distance and activate the alarm clock, in addition to charging in electric cars and stops, in addition to the ability to lock and unlock the cars of course.

The move comes as a big step in the use of voice help with cars, but this is not the first time this happened. Amazon launched Echo Auto a while ago to carry Alexa voice in the car to do some tasks.

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